The Best Sod for Sacramento, California

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Best Sod and Grass Seed for Sacramento 2022

Greetings everyone, today we will focus on our Sacramento customers and share the top 7 best sod and grass options for Sacramento, California! Expect to review some pertinent information about this city as it relates to our top 7 sod and grass seed recommendations. The recommendations were chosen by Sod and Seed, Inc. based on over 20 years of experience in the field, in-house stress testing, sales trends, and research-based practices. 

Sacramento, the capital of California, is rich in culture and history. Sacramento is home to the district of Old Sacramento which houses a time capsule that goes back to the Gold Rush Era. Sacramento is also home to the California State Capitol, California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento Zoo, Raging Waters, Old Sugar Mill, Tower Bridge, Folsom Lake, Sacramento River and American River. We'll review Sacramento's climate below, which is also diverse. This list is not in order of best to least best recommendation but rather a comprehensive list of sod lawn options and recommendations based on conditions.

grass for sacramento

Sacramento, California

Top 7 Best Sods for Sacramento

Before sharing the top 7 sod types and grass seed for Sacramento, Sod and Seed, Inc. took a close look at Sacramento's annual climate, though the conditions of each individual lawn are also important to consider. Annually, Sacramento's temperatures can be as low as 50 degrees and as high as 100 degrees. Extreme temperatures can be lower or higher. Although Sacramento is considered an inland region, it still offers its residents climate similar to coastal regions with weather moderated by the sea breeze. Lets dive into sod and grass seed options!

sod lawn for sacramento
Sod lawn at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, CA

Sod and Seed, Inc. delivers to all Sacramento neighborhoods including Natomas, North Sacramento, Downtown - Midtown Sacramento, West Sacramento and Yolo County, Land Park, Oak Park, South Sacramento, Arden - Arcade, and East Sacramento. We also deliver to the greater Sacramento county area including Elk Grove, Arden-Arcade, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks, Folsom, North Highlands, Florin, Antelope, Galt, Rio Linda, Orangevale, Rosemont, Isleton, Gold River, Wilton, Rancho Murieta, McClellan Park, Walnut Grove, Laguna, Foothill Farms, Vinyeard, La Riviera, Courtland, Herald, lemon Hills, Franklin, Hood and Clay.


Best Sod and Grass Seed for Lawn in Sacramento

1. Tall Fescue with Kentucky Bluegrass 90/10 Sod

A top choice for Sacramento is Our Delta Tall 9010. This is a mix of 90% Tall Fescue and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass that comes on a highly organic soil base, making it a safer option for customers with kids and pets. Our Delta Tall 9010 has been a long-standing favorite in Sacramento for many reasons. Our Delta Tall 9010 has a deep rooting system and hearty blade, which provide lawn owners with excellent drought tolerance, heat tolerance, wear and tear recovery, disease resistance and some shade tolerance. These traits make the Delta Tall 9010 ideal for families with children, medium to large pets, and areas with higher foot traffic such as sports activities and social events. As summer approaches, the Delta Tall 9010 is a great lawn option for a Memorial Day party at home or the annual 4th of July BBQ you host. 



Tall Fescue Bluegrass Mix Grass Seed

Sod and Seed, Inc. also offers Sacramento its Tall Fescue Bluegrass Mix Grass Seed! Whether the seed is for reseeding damaged areas of your lawn or to grow an entire lawn from seed, rest assured our farm-grade seed will provide a unform lawn, avoiding a patchy look, and some of the highest germinations rates. CLICK HERE for our Tall Fescue 9010 Grass Seed.  


2. Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue Bluegrass Sod

Sacramento loves its Bolero Plus! The most popular reason for this is that our Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass Mix provides benefits similar to our Delta Tall 9010, but it has a slightly finer blade and slower growth pattern. A slower growth pattern provides customers with less maintenance while still maintaining desired benefits such as drought tolerance and wear and tear recovery. Our Bolero Plus Mix is popular for families with children and small to medium sized pets, as well as lawn owners who want a lower maintenance grass.



Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue Bluegrass Mix Grass Seed

Sod and Seed, Inc. offers the added benefit to the Bolero Plus Sod by providing Bolero Plus Grass Seed Mix. CLICK HERE for your Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue with Bluegrass Mix Grass Seed.


3. Kurapia Ground Cover

Kurapia ground cover is a relatively new lawn cover alternative that has revolutionized the lawn industry, and Sacramento is no exception! Kurapia ground cover is quickly increasing in popularity for residential and commercial lawns for two highly valid reasons. 

A. Kurapia Ground Cover is Drought and Heat Tolerant

Sacramento, along with the rest of California, is well-versed in drought conditions, and with climate changes, drought is an increasing challenge. Kurapia ground cover is a environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and water-saving solution by providing a natural green lawn that requires up to 60% less water than traditional grass lawns. Save both time and money with the highly drought and heat tolerant Kurapia ground cover. 

kurapia grass sacramento
Kurapia sample at the Sod and Seed, Inc. Storefront Along with Grass Samples


B. Kurapia Ground Cover Provides a Low Maintenance Lawn

In addition to saving Sacramento time and money on watering, Kurapia ground cover also saves time and money on lawn care and maintenance. Get ready for this - Kurapia ground cover never has to be mowed. If you would have told someone 50 years ago that the future would hold a lawn that never needed to be mowed, they might have scoffed. Now, it's true! Kurapia's lateral growth provides a low-to-the-ground look similar to grass that doesn't require mowing since upward growth is limited. This lateral, dense cover also makes Kurapia ground cover highly resistant to disease. While some customers choose to mow or trim their Kurapia ground cover based on personal preference, and to avoid its flowering twice annually, Kurapia ground cover does not need to be mowed. Ever. Oh yeah, Kurapia ground cover blooms miniature white flowers twice a year between May and October, for an added curb appeal! 



4. Special Shade Blend Mix Sod

Our Shade Blend Mix is another top choice for Sacramento. The main reason customers choose this grass for shady areas is that it provides similar benefits as the Delta Tall 9010 and Bolero Plus, but cultivated for increased shade tolerance. So, you can still have drought tolerance, heat tolerance, disease resistance, and wear and tear recovery, but with improved shade tolerance. Our Shade Blend Mix is popular for lawns that have filtered sun, or that are partially in full sun and partially shaded. Oh yeah, our Shade Blend loves full sun, too! Keep in mind, we do recommend any grass receive at least 6 hours of sun daily. 



Special Shade Blend Mix Grass Seed

Sacramento can enjoy the Shade Blend benefits with our Shade Blend Grass seed! Our Special Shady Mix Grass Seed is the same seed used to grow our sod, so grow your lawn from seed or use the seed to repair damaged areas. CLICK HERE for your Shade Blend Grass Seed. 


5. Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is another common and favorable grass option for Sacramento! First and foremost, note that bermudagrasses go dormant in the winter, which means they will brown up. However, one common solution for lawn owners who want a green Bermuda grass lawn year-round is to overseed their Bermudagrass sod lawn with perennial rye grass seed. Our two most popular Bermudagrasses are our Latitude 36 Bermuda Grass and celebration Bermuda Grass. These two top-performing Bermuda grasses have some of the highest possible ratings for heat tolerance, drought tolerance, low maintenance, and wear-and-tear recovery (foot traffic tolerance). Bermuda's are known for surviving extreme climate and will give a "carpet-like" look with low-growing sod blades. 



Best Bermuda Grasses for California
For more information on our Bermuda grasses, check out our blog,
"5 Things You Should Know About the Best Bermuda Grass for California (2022)."



Sacramento, we hope to have been of help and provide some guidance in choosing the best sod and grass seed for your lawn! Important considerations should be made when choosing a lawn cover, and we share this information in hopes that you choose a ground cover that will best suit your conditions, and have a long, healthy life. Sod and Seed, Inc. is invested in ensuring the longevity of its products and we work to ensure our customers have access to the information needed for this. Which Sacramento grass would suit your lawns conditions best? As always, we'd love your feedback, input, comments and questions. You can leave them in the comment section below or send them in to us via email or text. We hope to hear from you soon!


starter fertilizer for grass sacramento


Our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer is recommended for all new lawns


Lawn Care Help and Resources

Below are some resources that may be helpful if you are renovating your own lawn, or that can be used as a checklist for landscapers and homeowners having the job done by a landscaper. 

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  • Hi Mika! Yes, Our Shade Blend Fescue sod or seed is ideal for shady areas, as it is a blend of fescue and ryegrass. It’s great multi-purpose grass for full sun or filtered shade. Shade Blend is a great choice for areas needing moderate to light traffic. Shade Blend is one of the most shade tolerant sod varieties in our store today, making it a fantastic choice for shade areas.

    Lizza L. on
  • Thanks for the info. What sod do you recommend for areas that don’t get full sun? Should I go for Shade Blend?

    Mika Teflon on
  • Hello Donna L.! Tall Fescue 9010 is one of the most ideal and compatible options for Sacramento homeowners. This grass is excellent for families with medium to large dogs and children. It is perfect for areas with high traffic as it is tough and durable.

    Lizza L. on
  • I need to revamp my yard after winter or maybe next month. What kind of turf do you recommend for dog lovers?

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  • Nice one. I am from Sacramento, California.

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