Lawn Products: Starter Fertilizer, Lawn Food and Topsoil


Starter Fertilizer
In order to have a healthy and luscious lawn, we recommend using Starter Fertilizer before laying out your new ground cover. The use of fertilizer is a critical step that cannot be missed. Fresh grass, or any other ground cover, needs a combination of nutrients that it can obtain through our specially formulated Starter Fertilizer specific for our sod types. The combination of nitrogen, iron, and phosphorus in our Starter Fertilizer will support your lawn during its rotting and establishment period the first 2 - 3 weeks after installation. Iron aids in ensuring the sod have adequate nutrients and will help keep your lawn green. Phosphates and potassium help establish a rooting system, and nitrogen will then support flowering and growth. 


Rember topsoil is also essential when installing your new lawn. Essentially, your new ground cover will need fresh soil filled with the nutrients it needs to establish itself and continue to be healthy. Be sure to include topsoil in your order to ensure a fresh and healthy soil base home to layout your new sod. 
Lawn Food
Once your lawn is established, we recommend the use of Lawn Food for continued health. Lawn Food should be used every 2 - 3 months for established lawns. A mix of high nitrogen, low phosphate, and potassium found in our Lawn Food will help your sod green up faster and extend its beautiful, green color.


PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT use Lawn Food for new lawns, it will burn the roots. 
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