How Much Should I water My Lawn?

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How Much Should I Water My Sod Lawn?

Watering a New Sod Lawn

During the rooting and establishment period (2-3 weeks for sod and 1.5-2 months for Kurapia and Native Lippia), the lawn should be consistently moist by frequently watering for shorter periods between 5 am - 2 pm. Do not water at night. The roots on your new sod are small, so they can easily dry out if not watered enough or easily be drowned if watered too much. Balance is key! Keep in mind these are general guidelines. Seasonal climate may impact this watering schedule. For example, in the winter you may water less frequently, whereas you'll need to water more in the summer time. 

Watering an Established Sod Lawn

After the lawn is established, watering should occur very early in the morning, generally between 3 am - 6 am. As a rule of thumb, most lawns will require 1 inch of water per week. However, the frequency and duration of watering to provide deep watering will vary from lawn to lawn based on a variety of things. Specific guidelines are hard to give without knowing the many factors watering schedules are based on such as type of irrigation system, water pressure or PSI, geographical region, general climate, immediate conditions, seasonal conditions, time of year, varying temperatures, sun to shade exposure, wind exposure, soil composition, etc.

Consult Your Local Experts!

Although we can provide general guidelines, we recommend you contact an Irrigation Technician or Irrigation Specialist for more specific irrigation guidance. For help with choosing the right sod type for YOU, give us a call at 1-800-381-8163 and one of our friendly sales reps will be happy to assist you! We hope to hear from you soon!

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