A Guide to Frog Fruit Plugs and How to Plant Them

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A Guide to Frog Fruit Plugs and How to Plant Them

Welcome to Sod and Seed, Inc., home of the largest sod selection, always fresh from the farm, never held in stock! We are proud to have Frog Fruit ground cover in our selection to provide our customers with more sustainable lawns, eco-friendly products and a wide range of native plants. Our native Frog Fruit ground cover has superb drought tolerance, never needs mowing and can be pollinator friendly if you want! Frog Fruit is also known as Turkey Tangle, Texas Turkey Tangle, Lippia, and Phyla nodiflora. Read on to find out if Frog Fruit should be your next ground cover!

Are Frog Fruit Ground Cover Plugs right for me? 

At Sod and Seed, Inc., we specialize in customized recommendations for your lawn. It is important that you are matched with the sod or ground cover that will best suit YOUR conditions because your lawn should last a lifetime. Frog Fruit ground cover thrives best in areas that are in mostly sun and have moderate foot traffic. Frog Fruit ground cover is best for areas with warm or hot temperatures, although Frog Fruit ground cover can survive single digit temperatures. 


Do I prep my lawn for Frog Fruit Ground Cover Plugs? 

You prep your lawn for Frog Fruit ground cover plugs the same way you would prep your lawn for sod. 

Sod Lawn Removal

1. Remove any dead or excess material on the area like dead sod, bushes, weeds, and rocks, etc. 

Clean Soi and Remove Debri

2. Rototill the area to turn the soil and further clean the soil, raking out twigs, rocks, sticks, weeds, etc.

PRO TIP: When your lawn is bare is the right time to check your watering system and make sure it work properly. 

Apply Fresh Soil

3. Apply fresh topsoil and mix into the area.

PRO TIP: We recommend 1 yard of topsoil for every 250 sq ft. If your soil is heavy in clay, we recommend to double up and use 1 yard of topsoil for every 100 sq ft. 

Rake, level, roll!

4. Rake, level, and roll until your area is as flat as possible, avoiding divots and mounds on the lawn. Rake, level, roll about 5-7 times or more if needed. 

PRO TIP: Ensuring your lawn has no divots or mounds will help avoid tripping hazards or scalping/killing your lawn. 

Lawn Installation

5. Install your plugs! This can be done in a variety of ways but a simple drill or tool to help dig the holes for the plugs will suffice. 

CLICK HERE for our full DIY Prep and Install Guide!

How Many Frog Fruit Plugs Do I Need?

The number of plugs you need depends on what you want for your lawn. If you're not in a rush, buy fewer plugs, planting further apart and let your Lippia lawn take its time filling in. If you would like a fully filled lawn ready for use within a few weeks, buy more plugs and plant them closer together for quicker filling in. Remember, you do not need to plant plugs along the perimeter of your area because their growth pattern is to creep out. 


How far apart should I plant my Frog Fruit Ground Cover plugs?

The distance between your Frog Fruit ground cover plants can also vary. If you want your Lippia lawn to quickly fill in, plant your plugs closer together at 6" apart. If you're not in a rush, you can plant them further apart. Generally, Frog Fruit ground cover plugs can be planted 6" apart, 12" apart of 18" apart. 


How do I plant Frog Fruit Ground Cover Plugs? 

Planting your Frog Fruit ground cover plugs should be simple and budget-friendly. Fancy or expensive tools can be used but are NOT necessary. You'll need to create holes on the lawn for the plugs to be planted, making sure they are planted deep enough to be just on the surface of the lawn. To make the holes you can use any simple hand tool or a drill and drill bit.  


Visit Us Again Soon!

Thank you for joining us at Sod and Seed, Inc. to learn more about Frog Fruit ground cover plugs and the process to planting a healthy lawn or garden area. During the warm season, our Frog Fruit ground cover plugs ship within 1-2 weeks. During winter and early spring, please expect shipping between 3-5 weeks out. Cal us at 1-800-381-8263 for more information or for help placing your Frog Fruit ground cover plug order! We hope to hear from you soon!

Kurapia Ground Cover Plugs

At this time, we offer Kurapia ground cover sod rolls only. We do not sell Kurapia ground cover plugs. 


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