The Best Drought Tolerant Lawn Alternative for Los Angeles

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Best Drought Tolerant Lawn Alternative for Los Angeles

Hello Los Angeles, today we will share about the best drought tolerant lawn alternative - Frog Fruit ground cover lawn alternative! Frog fruit (Phyla nodiflora), also known as turkey tangle fogfruit and Lippia, is a low-growing perennial plant that belongs to the Verbenaceae family. Frogfruit groundcover alternative is a native plant that is perfect to replace your sod lawn or impractical garden. Read on to find out why Frog Fruit ground cover is the best drought tolerant lawn alternative for LA!

best drought friendly lawn alternative

Frogfruit Groundcover Lawn Alternative

Frog fruit ground cover lawn alternative is a spreading, mat-forming plant with prostrate (lays low and stretched out on the ground) stems that root at the nodes. Frogfruit ground cover leaves are opposite, simple, and small, with a soft texture. Frog fruit groundcover lawn alternative also produces small, white to lavender flowers that are arranged in dense clusters with tiny hints of yellow. Needless to say, it is common to see colorful butterflies visit Frog Fruit ground cover lawns and gardens. Due to its low-growing and spreading nature, Frog Fruit is commonly used as a ground cover in residential and commercial landscaping, often being used to help control erosion on slopes and provide a green carpet-like appearance.



Drought-Tolerant Lawn Alternative

Frog fruit groundcover is adaptable to a variety of habitats, including open woodlands, meadows, prairies, warm regions and cooler regions. Frogfruit ground cover thrives in full sun to partial shade and can tolerate a range of soil types, including sandy and clay soils. In addition to its aesthetics and adaptability, one of the more notable characteristics of Frogfruit is its drought tolerance. Once established, Frogfruit groundcover can withstand dry conditions and is frequently used in xeriscaping (the practice of landscaping with slow-growing, drought tolerant plants to conserve water and reduce yard trimmings (and water-wise landscaping.


The Best Drought Tolerant Lawn Alternative for LA

Thank you for joining Sod and Seed, Inc. to learn about the best drought-tolerant lawn alternative for the greater Los Angeles area! Frogfruit has an array of benefits and drought-tolerance is only one. Shipments for our Frog Fruit are generally 2-3 weeks out but shipment timelines can be delayed during the winter season, so plant ahead! Please remember, when considering frog fruit for landscaping purposes, it's essential to check its suitability for your specific climate and soil conditions. You can call us at 1-800-381-8163 to inquire about Frogfruit groundcover for your specific region. Be sure to add our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer for new grass lawn before checking out! Thank you for visiting us and we hope to hear from you soon!



The Best Lawn Alternatives by LA Times

Check out our native Frog Fruit ground cover featured in the LA Times article titled, "Turf is out. Native grasses are in. Here are 4 lush low-water options." In addition to the native Frogfruit ground cover, the additional three plants featured are Kurapia ground cover, native Bentgrass, and other native grasses. Luckily for you, Sod and Seed, Inc. delivers all four products recommended by the LA Times. CLICK HERE to view our full native grass selection. 

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