Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue Grass Seed

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Bolero Plus Grass Seed

Our Bolero Plus grass seed is one of the most popular sod types to have hit California. It is 90% Dwarf Fescue and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass. Dwarf fescue in bolero plus seed refers to the growth pattern. Dwarf fescue grass in sod blends is part of the same family as tall fescue grass. Many people get confused when they hear dwarf tall fescue, this refers to the grass being tall fescue but with a dwarf growth pattern. Slower growing patterns in bolero plus grass so the lawn will look more level due to the fescue and bluegrass being at very similar heights, versus a tttf fescue that would look patchy in areas of damage due to one grass growing much faster than the other. The slow growth of our Dwarf Fescue and Bluegrass makes this grass low maintenance while maintaining its drought tolerance. Bolero plus grass seed provides a more refined fescue blade compared to tttf or hybrid tall fescues and is much softer in texture. Bolero Plus grass seed has no fillers and is what goes directly into our machines for Bolero Plus sod. Our Bolero plus sod delivery and Bolero Plus grass seed delivery is available all year and ships via UPS with confirmation code.

Bolero Plus Seed Our Softest Fescue Texture

We have had Bolero Plus grass seed compared to Kentucky bluegrass seed on multiple occasions. A compliment we pride our dwarf fescue grass seed on. Bolero plus contains 10 percent Kentucky bluegrass and due to the fine blade of the dwarf fescue, the two types of grass blend in seamlessly. Bolero Pus grass seed provides durability, drouth tolerance, and a more smmetrical growth pattern while giving a softer option for not so active lawns. Bolero Plus can handle moderate foot traffic and like all grass types is not dog proof but will hold up fairly well to small pets.

Bolero Plus Grass Seed Direct from the Farm

Our Bolero Plus grass eed is the same high-quality, farm-grade seed used to grow our Bolero Plus sod at our farm, giving you the peace of mind that the seed you use will match the sod you have.

3 LBS of our Bolero Plus Seed covers 400 Square Feet

10 LBS of Bolero Plus Seed covers 1,200 Square Feet

25 LBS of Bolero Plus Seed covers 3,000 Square Feet

When using seed, we always recommend using the seeding volume recommendations above. You can spread the seed with multiple applications saving a couple of pounds for overseeding. Always use a spreader to ensure proper coverage. 

Check each sod mixture for coverage as each type of sod has varying amounts of seed recommended per square foot. Remember to be patient as different types of seeds germinate at different rates, sometimes with weeks in the difference of germination. Germination rates vary by seed type, season, and conditions, so plan on giving your seed a couple of months to germinate. 

Bolero Plus Sod and Seed

Bolero Plus Sod and Bolero Plus seed are trademark products from the Delta Series sod and grass seed selections. Bolero plus grass seed is currently only available in 3 LB and 10 LB containers on our site. For large Bolero Plus grass seed orders please contact us directly in the chat or by calling us at 925-435-7874.

Starter Fertilizer is always recommended when sodding/(re)seeding a lawn.

You can view our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer by clicking the highlighted name or clicking the link below.

If you decide to sod instead, you can find our Bolero Plus grass by clicking the name or by clicking the link below here. >

Exact mixture contains Bolero brand Insignia Tall Fescue and Arrowhead Kentucky Bluegrass. This is the high-grade commercial seed used in the cultivation of our Bolero Plus sod.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews Write a review