The Best Sod for Fresno, California

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The Top 5 Best Sod and Grass Seed Types for Fresno

Sod and Seed, Inc. has tested each sod type in our selection in Fresno soil and with great success, we are pleased to offer our full sod selection available. Our grass is available for delivery and with the fastest turn around times for sod delivery. All sod orders are cut and shipped directly from the farm to your home.

Sod and Seed, Inc. is sharing its most current, up-to-date list of the top 5 sod and grass seed types for Fresno, California. If you have any questions, feel free do so via chat on our website or give us a call at 925-435-7874. You are welcome to leave a comment on our sod blog below or ask questions!

1. Delta Tall 9010 Sod Fescue with Bluegrass

The Tall 9010 sod has quickly become our best selling sod in Fresno because tall 9010 sod is recommended for areas with direct sun most of the day. Our Delta Tall 9010 sod is also the most pet friendly type of grass we have. The deeper we can get our fescue sod roots into your soil, the better chance the grass has of thriving. If you have a front yard in which the neighbors dog keeps burning your sod (or your own dog!), this would be the selection for you. Whenever you see a pet going to the bathroom in the same area, which is most common with female dogs, try to give that area extra water by hosing the sod to help remove the salt from the urine.

CLICK HERE for our Delta Tall 9010 Sod Fescue with Bluegrass Seed. 


 2. Bolero Plus Sod

Bolero plus sod is our slower growing fescue grass. Bolero Plus is a 9010 sod as well but is composed of 90 percent dwarf fescue grass vs tall fescue 010 mixes. This special mix of dwarf fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass allows the sod to grow softer than our tall fescue mix. Although it has a softer texture, it can still handle foot traffic from active families. Small pets are generally suitable for this dwarf fescue sod. Our Bolero Plus sod can also handle direct sunlight.

CLICK HERE for our Bolero Plus Grass Seed. 



In the video below, we compare the two sod types, our Tall 9010 and Bolero Plus sod. After the Bolero Plus vs Delta Tall 9010 video, our Fresno sod list continues! Please enjoy!




3. Sod for Shade or Our Shade Blend Sod

Our Shade Blend sod is a mixture of our tall fescue with 10 percent fine fescues to help with shady lawn areas. This sod will do well in both full sun and filtered sun areas, helping the sod lawn look healthy in both full sun and partial shade areas. Fine Fescue sod, also known as Mow Free or No Mow sod, has the highest shade tolerance. Our Shade Blend is 90% Tall Fescue and 10% fine fescue instead of 10 percent Kentucky Bluegrass. It is this mix with fine fescue that gives our Shade Blend its shade tolerance.

CLICK HERE for our Shade Blend Grass Seed. 



 4. Bluegrass Sod and Ryegrass Sod

We included both names of the sod types in the title because most often, these two sod types are mixed and you will usually find a mixture of the two. It is no surprise our most popular of the Blue Rye mixes is our Blue Rye 50 50 sod mix. Bluegrass and Ryegrass sod are cool season grasses, meaning they do less well with drought tolerance but can handle direct sun as long as they are being watered properly. These two types of sod are green all year and keep their color throughout the winter. These sod types both produce seed when stressed or during their usual seasonal period, helping the lawn stay fuller with less need for reseeding.

CLICK HERE for our Blue Rye 50 50 Sod Mix Grass Seed. 




4. Latitude 36 Bermudagrass Sod

Latitude 36 Bermudagrass sod is generally used in areas where heavy sporting activity is going on. This blend can be used at home as well, offering lower maintenance. Latitude 36 sod can be found in stadiums, golf courses, soccer fields, tennis courts, the list goes on! If there is an sport activity involving the need for grass in the outdoors, Latitude 36 is the way to go.




 5. Kurapia Ground Cover

We must go over our Kurapia ground cover! Kurapia ground cover is a new and innovative lawn cover alternative. It offers benefits such as extremely high drought tolerance and heat tolerance, which meets the needs of Fresno conditions. Kurapia ground cover is also an exceptionally low maintenance ground cover option, never never needing to be mowed due to its low, lateral growth resembling grass. Twice a year, it blooms beautiful, small, white flowers that will add an aesthetic tough to your lawn. 



Thank you for joining our review of the top 5 sod and grass seed type recommendations for Fresno, California! We hope you have found this list helpful. Note that the health of each sod type will also depend on the individual conditions it is in and the lawn care it is given. If you have any questions or comments to share, please drop them in the comments section below or give us a call at 925-435-7874.

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  • Thank you for taking my call about the fescue Razy. I will be taking the pictures of the lawn and sending you them later today. I believe my lawn is dwarf fescue but now that I saw this it might be tall fescue.

    George P. on
  • is right now a good time to install fescue in Clovis? I dont want to have to water too much. I liked the tall fescue but whats the best sod here for the clovis summer?

    Amari on
  • The Delta Tall 9010 tall fescue is doing great in our home in Clovis. Thank you for the callback Razy!

    Chris Pofen on
  • Hello Terry! Our Santa Ana Grass is one of the best choices for your home lawn, especially if you have children or pets. You can rest easy knowing that the Santa Ana Grass has a high wear tolerance and is disease resistant. Santa Ana Grass is also a popular choice for sports turfs or households with children and pets due to its wear tolerance, drought tolerance, and tolerance to high foot traffic.

    Lizza L. on
  • Hello, Is Sta Ana Bermuda grass great for a family with small children as well as small dogs?

    Terry Hawkins on

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