Celebration Bermuda Turf Grass

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Celebration Bermuda Turf Grass

Celebration Bermuda Turf Grass: A Historical Recap

Shop our Celebration Bermuda turf type! Although we know that shopping for grass can be confusing or overwhelming in general, let alone shopping for a bermudagrass. Especially depending on how well-versed we are in lawn covers or the lawn industry in general, as well as horticulture and best practices with plants and souls. So, we are making this one easy for you! Let's briefly talk about grass types before we jump into why we love our Celebration Bermuda Grass!


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There are many types of grass in the United States. Although there are over 10,000 types of grass, common turf types in the U.S. include Fescues, Ryegrass, Bluegrass, and Bermudas. Some grasses are native to the land, and some have been brought from other countries. For example, many types of grass were brought to America by European settlers and colonizers. Our Celebration is a Bermudagrass that most likely originated in the tropical regions of the African continent. However, some other theories are that bermudagrass originated in India, and also comes from other regions such as Australia, the greater Indo-Malaysian region, Bengal, India, and Bangladesh.  Pretty interesting, right? Let's move on and learn more about our Celebration Bermuda specifically. 

Shopping for Celebration Bermuda Turf Grass

Shopping for a Celebration turfgrass can be confusing, with many companies and options available. (In fact, shopping for grass, in general, can be a more complex process than expected!) However, here at Sod and Seed, Inc., we have learned it is best to keep things simple. Instead of offering you a generic or "regular turf-type" or even the most expensive or most inexpensive, we pride ourselves in asking the essential questions and matching one of our grass types to what will best suit your conditions. When looking at critical factors to ensure a healthy lawn, year after year, our Celebration Bermuda continues to exceed the expectations of our customers. Specifically, in our Celebration Bermuda's ability to endure high activity areas and provide drought tolerance. Check the link below to shop with us!

Why Choose Celebration Bermuda Turf Grass?

Let's talk more about this. Our Celebration is a registered trademark Hybrid Bermuda grass that has been researched and studied by multiple universities and organizations including North Carolina State University (NCSU), Clemson University, and Texas A & M. Study after study, Bermuda grass is scientifically proven to outperform other bermudagrasses in traits such as wear tolerance, shade tolerance, divot recovery, drought tolerance and recovery, and lower surface hardness (which has been associated with increased injuries for athletes). What does all of this translate to? A couple of things:

Celebration Bermuda Wear Tolerance

Celebration Bermuda will tolerate foot traffic the best from the Bermudas it was compared to. It best tolerates foot traffic from athletes, so it will likely be fine with foot traffic by an active family for residential use or general foot traffic for commercial purposes.

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Celebration Bermuda Shade Tolerance

Celebration Bermuda demonstrated higher tolerance to shade than the Bermudas it was compared to in its studies. So, of many bermudagrasses you can buy, if you have some shade in your area, Celebration will likely do best with some shade over it. 

Celebration Bermuda Divot Recovery

The Celebration Bermuda performed best in recovering from divots caused on fields by things such as sports or sports equipment. 

Celebration Bermuda Drought Tolerance and Recovery

When exposed to drought conditions, Celebration Bermuda tolerated these conditions best, and recovered the vest from drought. 

Celebration Bermuda Lower Surface Hardness

Celebration rated best when considering the surface hardness of sports fields, which has been associated with increased injuries for athletes. 


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Celebration Bermuda Turf Grass is the Best All-Around Option

Basically, our Celebration Bermuda will do the best in drought, saving you water and time, will tolerate shade best if you have some tress or high buildings around you, will recover better from damage such as high foot traffic, child's play, sports, or objects creating holes and divots, and will have a relatively softer surface (if your little one falls while playing, the hit won't be too bad). All of these things combined make the Celebration Bermuda low-maintenance, which is always a good thing! Who doesn't want to save time and money? Essentially, you can have you can have the best lawn on the block without the hassle and actually be able to enjoy it all summer!

When looking for the perfect turfgrass for your location, look no further than our Celebrations Bermuda at Sod and Seed, Inc! With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have all the knowledge to provide you with a quality lawn that will meet your needs and suit your conditions to thrive. Celebration bermudagrass has been proven to be highly resistant to multiple types of stress by various universities and research studies over the past 15 years. These studies have shown it to be resistant to extreme stressors by athletes on sports fields, as well as stress caused on residential or commercial lawns. Our Celebrations Bermuda will be great if you'll have sports activities on your lawn if you are in drought-prone conditions will have lots of foot traffic like kids playing or social events, some shade on your area, and damage-causing divots. Look no further, we have you covered (literally, we'll cover your lawn) with the highest quality turf type, Celebration Bermuda!

Lawn Prep and Install Guide

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