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Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Ratings

Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Ratings 1-10

Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Drought Tolerance: 9.5

Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Disease Resistance: 7

Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Wear Recovery: 8

Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Shade Tolerance: 3

Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Heat Tolerance: 10


Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Information

Celebration Bermuda grass is a Hybrid Bermuda with dense growth and works well in many applications. This is also an excellent lawn cover for people looking for allergen-free sod. Like humans, pets also have allergies, and if either has issues with common grass allergies, this Hybrid Bermuda would be the best. Note, be sure the grass has not been over-seeded with Ryegrass. Our Celebration Bermuda Grass does go dormant in the wintertime. It is important to note that although dormancy is to be expected, it can be impacted by varying factors such as temperature, location, environmental exposure, and other external factors. Our Celebration Bermuda can be cut low and does not require a lot of maintenance. We recommend seasonal fertilizing. Our Celebration sod comes on multiple soil bases, the most popular being sandy loam. Our Celebration Bermuda is ideal for sports applications and is also soft and adaptive for a family home. 

  • Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Drought and Heat Tolerance: Our Celebrations Bermuda is a great water saver because of its high drought-tolerant capabilities and also because it sleeps during the winter. It is unique because it provides drought tolerance and water savings without losing its soft-bladed, beautiful dark-blue, and durable texture. The color is much deeper than most Bermuda's, making the Celebration a unique selection of its kind. Our Celebration is also heat-tolerant, making it a good fit with areas that tend to go higher with hot temperatures seasonally or throughout the year. 
  • Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Wear Recovery: Whether it's a golfing field, backyard for play, or any other athletic area, our Celebration Bermuda will have excellent wear recovery from heavy foot traffic and high-impact conditions. Did you know this was the same sod type used for the 2016 Olympics? So, if you get a hole from the dog digging, brushing up on your golfing skills, or the impact on a sports field, the Celebration Bermuda will repair itself and recover from this wear and tear damage.  
  • Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Disease Resistance: Our Celebration Bermuda's structure also gives it excellent disease resistance. Its dense cover serves as a protective factor and will help fight off pests. 
  • Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Shade Tolerance: Though our Celebration Bermuda loves full sun, it will tolerate some shade. Be cautious and ensure the shade exposure is limited. 

Celebration Sod Delivery

Celebration Bermuda grass sod delivery requires 3-4 days advance notice and confirmation. When searching or looking for Celebration sod near me think Sod and Seed. All Celebration sod orders and Celebration bermuda grass plug orders are verified before shipping to confirm sod or bermuda grass plug delivery amount and location. A calendar should pop up after a minute at the top of this page to see availability. Celebration bermudagrass plug delivery is shipped UPS with verified shipping. All Sod is cut to ship direct from the farm and is never held in stock.
Celebration sod delivery with sod installation both the sod and installation must be ordered and requires 7-10 days advance notice unless only a sod delivery is taking place in which we need 2-3 days advance notice. Celebration sod installation does NOT include tear out of old lawn or prep work. If you need a sooner sod delivery and sod installation need give us a call directly at 925-435-7874

Celebration Bermudagrass Sod Installation

If sod installation is purchased we provide installation of the sod, cutting the sod, rolling the sod, and taking the sod waste and pallets. Celebration sod installation can be purchased under our services tab. Sod delivery and Sod installation timelines for each of our sod products are different please refer to the exact sod or grass seed type ordered for proper timeline and availability.

Celebration Bermudagrass Overseeded

During the colder part of the year we provide celebration bermuda grass overseeded with rye. When celebration bermudagrass is overseeded with ryegrass the area will stay green for winter while ensuring safe wet enviroment for bermudagrass roots to establish.

If you Need celebration bermudagrass sod overseeded please contact us to confirm overseeding option and pricing. Currently we are providing 100 percent celebration due to weather being warm. If you have any questions give us a call 925-435-7874


Celebration bermudagrass Starter Fertilizer

Our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer is always recommended when sodding/seeding a lawn. You can shop our Starter Fertilizer at the link below, or add it to your cart at check out.



Celebration Bermudagrass Seed

Celebration sod is a hybrid Bermuda and like many hybrid plants, Bermuda is replicating itself and is grown by clones. The Clones are then used in cultivating celebration Bermuda sod. Celebration bermudagrass can not reproduce viable seeds due to Bermuda being sterile. This Bermuda grass sod was modified to provide the best suitable conditions for active play and performance with fast recovery and heat tolerance; with these factors, the grass would quickly spread out of control if seeding and would not be viable or safe for professional use.

Think of Celebration Bermuda grass like a Liger or donkey. However, they are two different species that can not reproduce in the same sense as this modified hybrid bermudagrass.

Celebration Bermuda Grass Plugs

Please get in touch with us directly regarding Celebration grass Bermuda grass plugs.

Sod Delivery to Northern California

Celebration Bermuda is readily available for delivery in Northern California. 

Sod Delivery to Southern California

Celebration Bermuda grass sod may be available for delivery to Southern California with additional pricing. Please contact us at (925) 435 - 7874 to inquire about pricing and availability. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews Write a review