100% Kentucky Bluegrass

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100% Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is the most popular cool-season grass in America. Its use in America is thought to have originated in Kentucky by European colonizers and settlers, who brought the seed with them from Europe and cultivated Kentucky Bluegrass as they established homesteads. As mentioned in our previous blog, "Sod History 101" (read it at: https://www.lawndelivery.com/blogs/news/sod-history-101), the tradition of using grass for property lawns was one that European colonizers and settlers brought with them from Europe. Originally, Kentucky Bluegrass is native to Europe, some northern regions of Asia, as well as mountainous regions of Morocco and Algeria. Kentucky Bluegrass is a soft and deep green grass that can be grown in various climates and conditions. It is most often prized for its deep green color and smooth, fine texture. A low-maintenance lawn, Kentucky grass is perfect for children or adults who want a relaxing, soft area for minimal to moderate foot traffic.

100% Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is a grass species that grows very well in the US and thrives in full sun. It produces a smooth and uniform appearance, soft enough to play on without getting cut, compared to thicker blade grasses like fescue or natives. That's why it favored for small children. Visualize a baby crawling on grass or having snack time on grass, this is it, Kentucky Bluegrass. 

A marker of Kentucky Bluegrass is also its aesthetics. There's no doubt the Europeans brought it with them to decorate their homesteads. When we get phone calls from customers wanting grass for a home they're selling, or realtors putting a property out on the market, our 100% Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the best recommendations we can make. Installing grass in your home, particularly front yards, can increase the property value of a home by up to 15% - 20%. 


In addition to its interesting history, aesthetics, excellent texture and monetary benefits, there are also obvious health and climate benefits to having grass on your property. We have discussed in previous blogs how grass helps clean the air, trap dust and other pollutants from going into your home, and helps diversity your property's biome. Plus, grass makes a safe area to stimulate and encourage movement for young children. It would be hard for a child to play on a bed of succulents or delicate flowers, and even worse on a lawn with a rock ground cover. 


Mowing Kentucky Bluegrass

Our 100% Kentucky Bluegrass is one of our favorites, and it is important to give it the special care it needs. The recommended average mow height for Kentucky Bluegrass is between 2-½ - 3-½”. Remember, with any grass, you should never cut off or mow more than 1/3 of the total length of the blade. The recommended mowing height may seem a little higher than some of our other sod types, and there are reasons for that. The longer you let your Kentucky Bluegrass grow, the more shade it can provide for its roots. Its upward length will in turn help it hold more nutrients in the blades. In addition, maintaining cut height ensures proper photosynthesis, so mowing too high or too low will often make your Kentucky Bluegrass thin out.

Mowing Kentucky Bluegrass is best done every 7-10 days. However, bi-weekly maintenance will work with proper fertilizing. When you first install your 100% Kentucky Bluegrass, it will need some time to root itself before it can be mowed. Give it a few weeks before its first mowing. Ensure to properly fertilize when installing it. After it's been established, you can use lawn food to continue to help it get the proper nutrients it requires. 

We hope you give our 100% Kentucky Bluegrass a chance! It will bring a special touch to your home and property, providing a safe and soft space for play or relaxation, especially for the little ones. Simultaneously, it will be cleaning air, catching pollutants before they enter your home, and diversifying your immediate biome. If you're taking on the project yourself, check out our DIY Prep and Install Blog below! We hope to hear from you soon!


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  • Next month, we are excited to install this sod on our lawn. Hopefully, It is more than I expected!

    Alya Fritz on
  • Great bluegrass makes the perfect addition to any family lawn! This grass is the best for my children, planning to have one of these grass one day.

    Donnell Armstrong on
  • I was looking for long and soft grass but tough enough to withstand the weather here in California. I looked on Google and did some research until I found this site. It had all the information I needed about this amazing grass. I planned to have one of these by the first week of February.

    Katya Barclay on
  • Our lawn was in bad shape. Our yard guy wanted to throw our grass away and replace it with Delta 100% Kentucky Bluegrass. And after reading your blog, I think I should go for it.

    Kayleigh Harrell on
  • I had some issues with my grass, and I decided to try out this new grass. Hopefully, it will work when it arrives soon.

    Jacques Mcgill on

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