Pictures of Kurapia Sod

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Here at Sod and Seed, Inc. we love to show the pictures of our hard work and plants! Over the years, we have gotten to work with each of our sod types and see them through the entire installation process. From the growing grounds at the farm to a beautiful finished lawn, we get to see and do it all! Kurapia is undoubtedly one of our favorite products to share!
One of the best parts of handling so many lawn covers is being able to see our sod in various forms - fresh, dry, with tender roots, established roots, under sun and rain, the list goes on. We see the patterns and development of each sod's blades and how they establish from our farm into their new home. In fact, most of the staff here at Sod and Seed, Inc. has one of our sod selections installed in their personal homes. One of our favorite ground covers to have installed at home is our Kurapia. Because it is extremely self-repairing, we can dedicate certain parts for observation and testing without fear of killing our entire lawn.
Enjoy these Kurapia sod lawn pictures and feel free to like, share and re-share or ask us any questions!
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Sod and Seed, Inc. 
Kurapia Picture by Sod and Seed, Inc. bright green
Kurapia roots picture by Sod and Seed, Inc.
 Kurapia sod lawn by Sod and Seed, Inc.
Kurapia in bloom
Kurapia grass samples
Kurapia Installation
Kurapia sod lawn
Kurapia lawn with stepping stones
Kurapia plant
We hope you have enjoyed these pictures and find them useful. If you plan on taking on the job yourself, check out our DIY Prep and Install Blog at:

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  • Kurapia Sod is perfect for all in-ground applications, including my residential projects with this grass. Kurapia Sod is an excellent turfgrass for my future yard because it’s easy to grow, low-maintenance, saves water bills, and is environmentally friendly.

    Josh Wells on
  • If you want a unique look that stands out from your neighbor’s lawn, Kurapia is for you!

    Amanda Clay on
  • We have been using Kurapia Sod for a year now. The grass is thick and green and lasts forever, as he said. It looks incredible and needs very little maintenance, perfect for my needs. I’m happily partnering with Kurapia in my future project.

    Myrtle Marsden on
  • Kurapia is an excellent choice for your yard, and it is low maintenance. It’s super resistant to drought and disease. This grass looks great all the time, and maybe it will help me with my needs. I love its white flowers too.

    Keira Valentine on
  • There are so many great reasons to grow Kurapia in my garden. This blog is perfect for what I need.

    Diego Davila on

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