The Best Sod and Grass Seed for San Francisco

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Top 5 Best Sod types for San Francisco

Sod and Seed, Inc. has been working to update its content to share the best sods in various cities, and today we will cover the sod types for San Francisco! Below are the top 6 types of grass purchased in San Francisco based on our 2020 and 2021 sales. These sod grass blends have all been stress-tested by sod and seed and can adapt to SF climate, as well as the climate for the Greater Bay Area, with proper care. Our list is based on two key factors. One, the most popular blends of sod for San Francisco based on sales and demand. Two, the best-suited sod for long-term health. Please note, even within San Francisco, each area has distinct conditions. This means that based on the conditions of your lawn, one San Francisco grass may suit your area's needs best but not be first on the list. 

Best Grasses for San Francisco Bay Area

best grass for San Francisco, CA
Above Sod and Seed Inc Tests sod and grass seed 


At Sod and Seed, Inc., customers call us every day asking for help with which sod type to choose. Especially considering we have the largest selection in California and growing. In the Bay Area, we hear a lot of customers ask, "What is going to be the best sod for San Francisco?" While many types of grass or sod work for the unique climate of the SF Bay, through experience with installing sod and working with customers, we have narrowed down the list over the past few years to these top five grass blends. Here are the top 6 selling sod types in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

1. Special Shade Blend Sod

Our special Shade Blend sod is a popular grass type for San Francisco for many reasons involving limited sun exposure. While shade blend sod is grown in direct sun and will thrive in both direct sun and filtered sun its a pet friendly option many people are not aware of. The top reasons for our Shade Blend's popularity in San Francisco are wear and tear recovery and shade tolerance. In San Francisco, most properties are a bit tight. Whether it's a commercial, residential, or city property, the chances are we are working with limited space and very limited direct sun for grass needs. For this reason, shade blend sod in San Francisco is the most practical. We have many customers who want to ensure their lawn will allow them to use it freely without worry of damaging it due to kids' play, the pets use, social events, and the occasional amateur sports activities. Our Shade Blend is an excellent choice for these exact reasons! With the hybrid tall fescue and fine fescue mixture a deep rooting system helps establish recovery, rest assured your Shady Mix lawn will survive and recover from some foot traffic (if properly tended to). Secondly, like all plants, grass needs light to survive, but our Special Shady Mix has been specially cultivated to tolerate shade. Shade Blend sod can withstand up to 40% shade throughout the day.



Grass Seed for Shady lawn

All seed including our shade blend grass seed has been tested in house and is the exact same grass seed that is used on the farm to produce our shade blend sod. We offer our farm-grade Shade Blend grass seed for re-seeding or seeding purposes all year. CLICK HERE for our Shade Blend grass seed. 


2. Bolero Plus Sod

Sod and Seed, Inc. recommends Bolero Plus sod for San Francisco property owners seeking two important things: a low maintenance lawn and an aesthetic grass type. Bolero Plus sod is Dwarf Fescue with Bluegrass and is an excellent choice for a low-maintenance lawn. Bolero plus sod has a slower growth pattern than other fescues. Bolero plus sod is perfect for people who do not want to mow every week or every other week. For areas that will get traffic but not much action. Bolero plus grass is our slower-growing finer blade fescue mix. Bolero Plus has been the official sod and grass seed for San Francisco public areas. Bolero plus made its return to television when last used in front of the full house TV show area or fuller family home for the new television show.


Bolero Plus Grass Seed

All seed including our Bolero Plus grass seed has been tested in house and is the exact same grass seed that is used on the farm to produce bolero plus sod. We offer our farm-grade Bolero Plus Seed for re-seeding or seeding purposes all year. CLICK HERE for our Bolero Plus grass seed.


3. Kurapia Ground Cover

Sod and Seed, Inc. loves its Kurapia ground cover and so will you! It's hard to find reasons why an investment in Kurapia may not be a good idea. There is a long list of benefits to kurapia but we will narrow it down to one of our favorite phrases to say, "Never mow again and save water." There is no doubt why Kurapia has come to shake up the lawn industry. You are likely to find Kurapia art city installations and municipal sites because of its water and time savings. Similar to fescues, Kurapia has a deep rooting system and lateral growth that allow it to have above-average drought tolerance and low maintenance features by ever needing to be mowed. Kurapia also blooms twice annually, making it an excellent choice for aesthetic reasons in San Francisco during the peak months between May and October. 

CLICK the link below to learn more about Kurapia:



4. Hybrid Tall Fescue 90/10 Sod

Our Delta Hybrid Tall Fescue 9010 has been a bestseller in the San Francisco Bay Area for years! This bestseller offers many of the same benefits we've discussed thus far, including water savings with drought tolerance features and a top choice for lawn owners with pets or children with excellent wear and tear recovery. A beautiful lawn should not mean having to stay off of it for San Francisco residents, and our Delta 9010 Mix is an excellent choice to make sure you can enjoy being on your lawn as much as you enjoy seeing it.



9010 Tall Fescue Grass Seed

All seed including our 9010 tall fescue grass seed has been tested in house and is the exact same grass seed that is used on the farm to produce tall fescue  sod. We also offer our farm-grade hybrid tall fescue grass Seed for re-seeding or seeding purposes. CLICK HERE for our 9010 Tall Fescue grass seed. 


5. Bluegrass Ryegrass Sod

Sod and Seed, Inc.'s Delta Blue Rye sod is a top choice for San Francisco customers because of its aesthetic and texture. At Sod and Seed, Inc., we have been working with the largest sod selection in California for years, and without a doubt, San Francisco customers are drawn to the aesthetic of our Blue Rye mixes the most. We offer our Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Rye Grass mixes in a variety of blends, including a 50% Bluegrass and 50% Rye Grass blend and 80% Ryegrass and 20% Bluegrass blend. These same Blue Rye mixes also provide lawn owners with a soft and slow-growing grass lawn. Blue Rye's can be susceptible to extreme temperatures, so the limited direct sun in SF is ideal for these sod types. If you're looking for a soft and visually appealing lawn, look no further than our Blue Rye!



San Francisco, we hope you have found this blog helpful about sod for San Francisco! Feel free to share with fellow San Francisco residents, or anyone in the bay area and landscapers. Which San Francisco sod do you think would best suit your lawn? If you have any questions, tips, comments, or recommendations about sod delivery or grass seed delivery, please drop them in our comments section below! We hope to hear from you soon! 

Dwarf Fescue sod vs Tall Fescue sod video





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