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Finding The Best Sod Delivery Near Me

When we think about a home many of us associate having a healthy lawn with a healthy household. California while having diverse climates tends to never get too cold for grass in the majority of the state. Creating the conditions for a wide range of grass types and lawn options. Grasses like Fescue, Bluegrass, Bermudagrass, and Ryegrass work the best with Northern and Southern California climates however we also provide Native grass sod and native grass seed along with native and hybrid lawn alternatives.

Based off of your location and conditions like direct sun, both sun and shade, or shady area, if there is heavy foot traffic from child or pets on the lawn we can help guide you to types of sod or grass seed that will thrive In your situation. Please feel free to call us at Sod and Seed or contact with us any questions you have.

We are currently expanding our native sod and ground cover delivery to more of California for Sod delivery. If you do to see the sod or grass seed you are interested in for cheaper for delivery please email us or call us directly  for low price quotes or questions. All pricing is included on each of our sod and seed materials all products include Shipping in the price, Tax is charged at the end and varies upon your local county tax standard. You can also give us a call directly at (925)435-7874 to see if we can beat a cheaper sod price. 

Currently our best selling grass mixtures are fescue mixtures in Northern California and As we move further south Bermudagrasses begin to prevail. Below are our best sellers based on conditions and California.

Best Selling Sod for Direct Sun

our Best selling sod is a hybrid tall fescue with bluegrass.

Delta Tall 9010

This grass goes by many names our most popular being our Delta Series.


Sod For Shade 

Our Best selling sod for shady areas as well as High heat tolerance and durability is our shade blend sod. Our shade blend grass is grown in full sun so you will not have to worry about part of your sod in all sun and other areas of your sod being in filtered sun.




Special Shade Blend Sod

The link above to the sod for shade will have reviews, ratings, and pricing. Here at Sod and Seed Inc we are always happy to help if you have any questions please feel free to chat with us or give us a call.

 Bolero Plus Sod

Looking for less mowing our Bolero plus and 100 percent bolero both are created with dwarf fescue a finer bladed slower growing sod that still works as hard as a fescue should Bolero plus




Latitude 36 Bermudagrass

Bermuda sod has been very popular in California. The lower you go on California the more you will find Bermudagrass sod. Our Latitude 36 is a hybrid of previous sod like Celebration grass but has a finer texture and more vigorous repair. Winter dormancy of latitude 36 is the shortest developed but this varies upon local temperatures. Latitude 36 sod is the most popular style grass for stadiums and American sports teams, Including the last couple Olympics games.



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  • Thank you Miranda I was happy we have someone here to explain the maintenance to your landscaper in Spanish. Latitude 36 sod is high maintenance but it sounded like he has the right idea on fertilizing and mowing. Enjoy the New latitude 36 sod lawn!

    George Bravos on
  • I am very happy with your Latitude guys thank you for the early delivery. The grass is so short I cant wait to show it off!

    Miranda B on
  • Wow, what can I say? I’m in love with this product. It’s perfect for my needs! The only problem I have is I don’t know much about how this works.

    Cassandra Benitez Miranda on
  • Are your estimates free? Where are you located?

    Adelle Jimenez on
  • Hi Josefina yes we do deliver to Fresno we had a delivery actually come in today That we put on a truck going out for Friday. We are currently about 2 to 3 days out for most orders if weekends I would order 3 to 4 days out just to be safe to get your spot on the truck.

    Anonymous on

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