How Sod Delivery Works

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Sod Delivery 

Hi! This is George from Sod and Seed, Inc. here to help explain the process of ordering sod or sod delivery. With this general sod delivery guide, you will have all the tools needed to order sod with confidence.

How Sod Delivery Works

When preparing for sod delivery, have an idea of the exterior conditions. Otherwise, what type of environment will your sod lawn be in. For instance, as a home owner, you may be preparing a sod delivery for the new home you're moving into in a beautifl back yard with trees or perhaps getting a new sod lawn for the kids to play sports on. If you are a landscaper, you should especially be thinking about the the factors that will help aid in your choice of sod type. We will go a little more into detail in the next section. 

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Sod Delivery Questions

Too often, people get whatever sod is offered to them first, not knowing the differences between different types. In fact, most people aren't aware of how many different types of sod there are and which types are best suited for what. If the sod farm cannot explain the options or differences in grass blends to you, that is a big red flag. Below are some general questions to ask yourself:

1. How much sun does the sod area get?

2. What type of foot traffic does the sod area recieve?

3. What kind of sod will fit my lifestyle?

Sod Lawn in the California Bay Area in Preparartion for a Little Guy's First Birthday!

Sod Delivery Timeline

Sod delivery, like produce, is the transportation of a live product. Much like our food, we want our delivery to be as fresh as possible. Before running to a depot or local nursery, ask the employees how long the sod has been sitting in stock.  As mentioned above, if they dont know how long it has been there or what sod they are selling you, this is a red flag. If the sod has been sitting out, will the staff be able to help you know how to repair it? If it needs to be reseeded, will they know the type of grass it is and the types of grass seed that will match it?

Sod should be delivered and installed the same day, but can survive without any obvious visual defects for about 24 hours, unless it is extremely hot. The need for sod to be fresh is why sod delivery should be direct from the farm and never held in stock. Each grass blade stock is its own organism and giving the grass the best chance to thrive means fresh cut sod delivered straight from the farm.

sod delivery

If someone is home during deliveries, you may sign a waiver to allow is to cross into your property lines to drop off the sod. 

Give your local sod farm three to four days advance notice for sod delivery. If the area is in hills, or an area a semi truck cannot access such as narrow roads, some companies, like ours, may provide sod delivery with whats called a "bobtail delivery." Bobtail trucks are smaller than the regular 18-whellers and can reach areas harder to access. However, because they are smaller, they also fill up faster. If you live in a area a semi truck cannot access, give your sod farm one week advance notice just to be safe.

Curbside Sod Delivery

State law gives strict guidelines when involving a sod delivery. When delivering heavy products such as sod, an indutsrial size forklift is used to take the sod off the semi truck. These forklifts are extremely heavy and wide, and for this reason all sod deliveries are curbside. 

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Curb Side Sod Delivery for a Front Yard Installation by Sod and Seed, Inc. in the California Bay Area. 

Cheap Sod Delivery

Cheap sod does not mean the right sod. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. Use your best judgement and always ask why. We have come across some unusually affordable deals online ourselves but after researching and digging deeper, we have found companies sell sod as cheap as they do for one of the followiung three reasons:

1. The grass seed has been discontinued.

2. The grass seed in the sod was inconsistent, meaning it was mixed incorectly or with the wrong type of seed.

3. The sod farm or sod company does not exist or is fake. 

Sod Delivery Near Me

When searching for "sod delivery near me", always keep Sod and Seed, Inc. in mind! We strive to provide the highest quality products and services at the best price. So, when shoppping around, be sure to give us a call. Our staff are happy to do their best so we can try and beat any competitor in pricing, while offering superior knowledge, service, and sod quality.

 We hope to hear from you soon!

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  • I always wondered how this worked. My dad is a landscaper, and all I remember is hearing big trucks show up at our house early in the morning all the time. Thanks for the neat blog!

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