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Sod and Seed is proud to offer delivery to the majority of California and beyond! We are proud to offer bobtail sod delivery which is sod delivery in a short semi truck style truck, tough enough to carry the weight but small enough to make the tight turns our standard sod delivery semi trucks cant!

Bobtail Sod Delivery

Bobtail sod delivery fills up very fast due to the limited amount of sod we can deliver in a day. Please give us 4-5 days adnave notice to ensure you get a spot on our truck.

hybrid tall fescue sod delivery

Limited Types Of Sod Delivery With Bobtails

We are limited to certain types of grass with custom bobtail orders. Some grass just cant be shipped to some areas due to them not being able to survive. Perfect example is zoysia sod. Northern California cold temperatures and low humidity makee this grass evenutally die, while we would love to deliver the product someone wants we have to make sure it can survive the enviroment. Do not worry out sod delivery sales agents can always help find something that works with the same features!

cost of sod delivery in california


Cost Of Sod Delivery

While we try in include the cost of shipping some routes do have an extra fee such as public works jobs, military bases, and very out of the way sod deliveries. Military sod delivery is a per a base situation and clearance requirements.

For public works projects we need full sod bid information to mae sure our sod fits what is stated also the projects name and plans detailing sod requirements.

For those long out of town destinations give us a call so we can do our best to get you what you need and as always if someone has cheaper sod pleasee give us the opportunity to beat that price by calling 925-435-7874. Remember just because one sod farm has cheap sod delivery does not always mean its a deal. Make sure you know what type of grass you are getting before sod delivery.

hybrid tall fescue with bluegrass sod delivery

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