Tall Fescue: The Ideal Sod for the Greater Bay Area

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Tall Fescue - Ideal Sod for the Greater Bay Area

California is a state with some of the most beautiful landscapes - mountains, forests, deserts, we have it all and are invested in ensuring our grounds are beautifully covered. So, when choosing what type of sod to put in your new lawn, it can be overwhelming to choose from so many options. However, we can confidently say that generally, a variation or blend of a Tall Fescue will be the ideal sod for the Greater Bay Area. We often get customers calling and saying, “Just give me your cheapest regular grass!” but it’s not that simple. There are many factors to consider such as sun and shade exposure, soil composition and foot traffic patterns. 

Fescue grasses for the Bay Area

A Tall Fescue is an ideal sod for the Greater Bay Area region for various reasons. Firstly, a Tall Fescues is a cool-season grass that will stay green year-round. With this, you don’t have to worry about dormancy periods and your lawn browning up periodically. Secondly, a Tall Fescues will have a relatively deeper rooting system than many other sods. Overall, a Tall Fescue has great adaptations to summer heat, so it can thrive both in cooler-season weather and temperatures as a cool-season grass as well as warmer summer climate. A Tall Fescue is also going to provide shade tolerance as well as drought tolerance, making it a highly versatile and adaptable sod option. With a Tall Fescue, its deeper rooting system and thicker blade are two factors that support its drought tolerance, increasing the amount of water it retains and decreasing the amount of water it will need. Given that California generally has mild to moderate climate year-round, a Tall Fescue will be able to thrive all year in the beautiful, mild climate of the Bay Area. 

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Sod and Seed, Inc. Tall Fescue

Another reason a Tall Fescue is ideal for the Greater Bay Area is because it has high tolerance to foot traffic, making it the ideal choice for folks with pets, children, larger families, or households who simply enjoy social gatherings outdoors. Now, more than ever, we see such a high need for kids to be able to go outside and play and increase physical activity. With a lawn that we can confidently play on (both kids and adults!), staying active and social won’t go out of style. 

So if you’re getting ready for a new lawn, you don’t need to look far, a Tall Fescue is probably just what you need. You can shop our Tall Fescue selection at lawndelivery.com and see for yourself the many adaptations that make a Tall Fescue ideal for the Greater Bay Area. Some of our favorites are:

Our Best Seller, our Delta Tall 9010: https://www.lawndelivery.com/collections/frontpage/products/90-10-tall-fescue

Fescue for shade 

Our Shade Blend:

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  • Thank you Razy for answering my questions earlier today about the grass delivery to Sacramento. I did not know you guys deliver bluegrass out here thank you for the help.

    Herald on
  • You pretty much solved my current issue! Thank you! I am getting Tall fescues now

    Ariana Lowry on
  • I tried different kinds of sod with NO good results. I would give it a try again, this time with tall fescue.

    Fabian Strong on
  • Tall fescues are the best of all grass types. It’s breathtaking how good it looks.

    Alissa Banks on
  • Hey George, I’m interested to install this on my lawn too, I live in Bay Area.

    Isra Goldsmith on

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