Sod and Seed, Inc. Delivers to All of CA!

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Sod and Seed Delivers to All of California!

 Sod and Seed, Inc. is excited about expanding to serve customers across the whole state of California! With California's largest sod selection, we know it can be tricky to know what sod will best suit your needs that we can deliver to you. Below we will share which sod types we deliver to which areas. 

 We will split sod delivery for California into 3 regions.

  • Sod delivery to ALL of California
  • Sod delivery to Northern California
  • Sod delivery to Southern California 
types of sod delivery near me
Sod and Seed, Inc. Turf Type Samples

Sod Delivery to ALL of California

 Here is our selection of available grasses and lawn alternatives for sod delivery to all of California. Keep in mind that while we can deliver sometimes we do sell out of some types of grass very fast so if interest in any type of grass feel free to call us and ask! All our sod products have free delivery and charge tax based on your county tax rates.

California sod and grass types for delivery

 Click on the sod name to view more information on the product or click the picture for more information about the grass including grass ratings, reviews, and cost. Below is a list of the turf types we deliver to ALL of California. 

Grass Alternative Ground Covers

 Below are our two phyla nodiflora options Kurapia sod the hybrid phyla nodiflora in sod form only and Frog fruit or Native Phyla Nodiflora the California Native version. 

 The Native Phyla Nodiflora comes in plug form while the Kurapia ground covver comes in sod form.

 Kurapia the newest hybrid phyla nodiflora groundcover from Japan. This ground cover stays low to the ground and requires half as much water vs grass!


 Frog Fruit a California native plant called Phyla Nodiflora. A native plant and ground cover used as lawn alternative before grass was popular! Commonly know as frog fruit or texas frog fruit, phyla nodiflora use 60% less water than grass after established. This self healing groundcover is MOW OPTIONAL!




Hybrid Fescue Grass

 Hybrid Fescue grass is still the most popular type of grass in California for sod delivery because of our winter weather. Bermudagrass and Hybrid Bermudagrasses do not do well in areas where it might snow. Hybrid tall fescue and hybrid dwarf tall fescue stay green all year and will be able to handle the cold weather of California helping keep a healthy lawn you can use all year.


Hybrid tall fescue sod delivery near me


 RTF sod or Rhizomatous Tall Fescue sod. RTF grass is the first patented self healing fescue sod we are proud to offer in our hybrid fescue sod options. RTF Sod uses a rhizome like rooting system and repairs just like a bermudagrass would but without the winter dormancy. RTF sod is 90 percent RTF and 10 percent bluegrass.




 Elite Plus sod is a durable hybrid tall fescue that loves direct sun and works well in many climates due to its sandy loam base. Elite plus grass is featured in the header picture for our hybrid tall fescue above as well. Elite Plus sod is 90 percent tall fescue and 10 percent bluegrass.




 West Coaster Tall Fescue sod is durable and drought tolerant. Serving Northern and Southern California this unique hybrid fescue blend provides a thick dense green mat of grass blades and can handle sunny and shady applications. Prioritizing drought tolerance and a deep green in color here is our West Coaster tall fescue sod.




 No Mow sod a fine fescue sod grass that can be grown out into wavy fields or cut like a normal lawn. Our No Mow sod also referred as Mow free sod has the highest shade tolerance out of all of our grasses. Both the Native no mow sod and the standard no mow sod are rated at a 10 out of 10 in shade tolerance. This in mind you still want a minimum of 6 hours filtered light for any grass to survive.




 Mow Free sod another version of a fine fescue blend here with a native verion as well which is much more duable and can handle taller growth!






 West Coaster No Mow sod the fine fescue grass blend with the newely developed GT Red fescue series. These creeping red fescues and fine fescues are premium grass seeds developed to help shade tolerance and durability meaning you get tall wavier grass before it start to slump. West Coaster Mow Free sod and the west coaster no mow are both the same mixture but some prefer a different name. In Arizona this sod is known as Hillside Fine Fescue





Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass or Bermudagrass however you prefer to spell it loves the heat and the closer you get to the equator the more and more you will see bermuda grass as the grass of choice. This grass thrives in the hot climates and self heals when damaged. In cold areas where frost occurs dormancy may be a factor in the winter. When bermuda grass goes dormant there is no need to water or mow saving time and money on upkeep. Bermuda grass is the choice for many sports fields and stadiums due to how short you can mow it and how fast the grass recovers.

Tifway 2 Bermuda grass sod delivery near me

 Pictured above Tifway II Bermuda grass


 Tifway II Bermuda grass sod is a great place to start with our hybrid bermuda grass. Tifway 2 bermudagrass was built for professional grade abuse with moderate to high maintenance depending on height but and location. This grass grows fast and can be cut low. Tifway II or Tifway 2 must be oveerseeded with rye in the winter to stay green and ready for activity.



TIFTUF Bermuda grass

Santa Ana Bermuda grass, Delta Tifway 2 Bermudagrass, Tifway II Bermuda grass, Tifway II or Tifway 419 Bermuda grass,  Overseed, , Tifway 419 Bermuda grass Overseeded, TIFTUF Bermuda grass, Celebration Bermuda grass, Celebration Bermuda grass Overseed, and Latitude 36 Bermuda grass

Rye Grass and Kentucky Bluegrass

Rye grass sod, West Coaster Rye grass and Blue Rye on sandy loam

NorCal Sod Types only

Below is the list of sod we deliver to Northern California ONLY. 

*click on the sod name to view more on the product

best sod for northern california

Hybrid Fescues

Endurance Dwarf Fescue sod, Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue sod, Ridgeside Fine Fescue, Dwarf Tall Fescue Enduro sod

Kentucky Bluegrass and Rye Grass Mixes

Blueridge Blue Rye Non-Netted, Non-Netted Blueridge Sports Turf, Rye Grass with RPR and Bayside BlueRye

SoCal Sod Delivery with Modified Pricing

Below is a list of sod types we deliver to Southern California with modified pricing. Please give us a call to check for availability and to receive your customized quote. 

*click on the sod name to view more on the product

 map of southern california

Hybrid Fescue Sod

Delta Tall 9010, Bolero sodBolero Plus Dwarf Fescue with Bluegrass sodShade Blend grass and Hybrid Tall Fescue with Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass and Rye Grass Sod

50 50 Blue Rye sod100 Kentucky Bluegrass sod and the Delta RyeBlue 90 10 sod

SoCal Sod Types Only

Below is the list of sod types we delivery to Southern California ONLY. 

*click on the sod name to view more on the product

map of socal

Fescue Sod

Medallion Tall sod, Medallion Plus sod, and Medallion Dwarf Fescue with Bonsai sod

Bermuda Grass

St. Augustine, Buffalo GrassGreg Norman Bermuda (GN1) and Zoysia. 

St. Augustine 

St. Augustine is delivered to Southern California ONLY. Give us a call at 925-435-7874 to check for the earliest availability and accessibility to your area!

buffalo grass
Buffalo Grass Picture by Sod and Seed, Inc.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is available for delivery 6 days a week in Southern California. Call us for availability and CLICK HERE to view our Buffalo grass. 


Zoysia is only delivered to Southern California. Although it is popular in all of California, it thrives and does best in Southern California climate. 

Native Sod

Our Native sod selection deliver to Northern California with regular pricing. Native sod can be delivered to Southern California with modified pricing. Call us and ask us for a quote! Below are our Native sod options. CLICK HERE to view our Native grass options. 

native no mow sod

No Mow Sod Installation by Sod and Seed, Inc.

California Native Bentgrass sod

California Native Grassland Mix sod

California Native Mow Free sod

California Native Biofiltration sod

California Native Preservation Mix sod

Kurapia Ground Cover

kurapia ground cover
Kurapia Ground Cover Sample at the Sod and Seed, Inc. Storefront

Sod and Seed, Inc. proudly delivers Kurapia ground cover to all of California! CLICK HERE to view our Kurapia ground cover. 

Kurapia Arizona

Sod and Seed, Inc. proudly provides Kurapia delivery to Arizona! CLICK HERE to view our Kurapia ground cover. 

Grass Seed to the Whole US!

Our high-quality, farm-grade grass seed selection can ship to all of California and other states as well. CLICK HERE to view our grass seed options. 

best grass seed
Some Grass Seed Samples at the Sod and Seed, Inc. Storefront

Thank You! 

Sod and Seed, Inc. thanks its past customers, returning customers and new customers. We work to provide the highest quality sod and grass seed at the best price possible. We are also proud to offer organic options and plastic free sod (eco friendly and non-netted sod options). CLCK HERE to view our eco friendly grass and CLICK HERE to view our organic options. We hope to see you soon!

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