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Kurapia Sod

At last, a lawn alternative that you water half as much as a traditional sod lawn! Kurapia is a beautiful ground cover that's the perfect solution for the California drought and fit for California terrain. This quick blog will teach us about Kurapia sod and delivery options in your area. If you came here asking yourself, "Should I switch to Kurapia sod?" the answer is yes, but don't take my word for it. Check out the rest of our blog and YouTube videos linked below for the information you need to make an educated decision.


Kurapia sod is a live plant that is an alternative ground cover with an aesthetic resemblance to sod. It is composed of leaves, stolons, and a deep rooting system. The top four reasons people are switching from traditional sod lawns to Kurapia sod are outlined below.

1. Kurapia Sod is a Drought Tolerant Ground Cover

Kurapia sod is significantly more drought tolerant than traditional grass. Kurapia sod can save you up to 60% of the water traditionally used for grass lawns. Kurapia sod is highly drought tolerant because it has a robust and complex rooting system. The Kurapia sod rooting system establishes itself into the soil beneath your lawn, forming a complex network of roots that will grow deep beneath the surface. Once fully established, the Kurapia sod rooting system helps retain water, keeping the Kurapia sod lawn moist and watered even on warmer days.

2. You Never Have to Mow Kurapia Sod

While many are skeptical, I can personally attest to never needing to mow my Kurapia sod lawn. Kurapia primarily grows downward into your lawn and laterally with a creeping-like or crawl-like growth pattern. The upward growth of Kurapia sod is limited, which means it doesn't grow quite tall enough to need mowing. You can get rid of the lawn mower, and rest assured you will have a truly mow-free lawn.

3. Kurapia Sod is Self Healing

Kurapia sod is self-healing because it has a creeping-like or crawling-like growth pattern which allows it to grow laterally. The lateral growth of Kurapia sod makes it "fill in" when damaged. Unlike most turf types that need reseeding when damaged, Kurapia sod is self-healing and will grow back when damaged. With the right amount of water, sun, and care, Kurapia sod is sure to please and make your lawn keeping job much easier than before!


4. Kurapia Sod is Highly Weed Resistant

Kurapia sod has a dense, thick, and knit-tight growth pattern. We also know Kurapia sod has a complex and robust network of intertwined roots. Together, a dense rooting system and dense cover above ground provide a highly weed-resistant lawn. The thick and dense nature of Kurapia sod makes it hard for weeds to penetrate and survive in its network of leaves, stolons, and roots.

Kurapia Sod

Kurapia Plugs

Kurapia is a plant that comes in two major forms, plug form, and sod roll form. Kurapia plugs or Kurapia sod plugs are very popular as they are a lower up-front investment than Kurapia sod rolls. Because Kurapia has a lateral growth pattern that fills itself in, Kurapia plugs have become increasingly popular. Kurapia plugs are generally planted 12-18 inches apart, and within weeks, they will fill themselves nicely when properly tended to. One risk is that while the Kurapia plugs are filling themselves in, they can be more susceptible to weeds. 

Kurapia Sod Rolls

Kurapia also comes in sod roll form, exactly like traditional sod. Kurapia sod rolls are harvested by the same machines that harvest grass and rolled up into 10 square foot or 8 square foot rolls. Kurapia sod rolls will be delivered on a pallet and ready to be rolled out and installed upon delivery. One benefit of Kurapia sod rolls is that they provide an immediate dense, thick, and uniform ground cover, whereas plugs require a few weeks or months to fill themselves in into a fully covered lawn. During the growing period, Kurapia sod plugs may also be more susceptible to weed growth the Kurapia sod growth.

Kurapia Sod for Sale Near Me

Sod and Seed, Inc. provides Kurapia delivery in all of California, Arizona, and other neighboring states. When we say, "Kurapia sod for sale near me," we mean Kurapia sod for sale near YOU, not us! If you're unsure that we can deliver to your location, please feel free to give us a call and provide us with the shipping address so one of our Sales Representatives can check for availability and accessibility. If you're somewhere in California or Arizona, we are 99% certain we can deliver freshly harvested Kurapia sod straight from the farm to your home! We hope to hear from you soon!

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