How Grass Delivery Works Near Me

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How Grass Delivery Works Near Me

At Sod and Seed, Inc. we do our best to cover as much of the west coast as possible, always prioritizing the quality of the grass delivery and safety. Our sod delivery fresh from the farm gives you the best quality grass for your home needs.

Grass Delivery Near Me

How Grass Delivery Works

When placing your order, give us at least 2-3 day advance notice for any areas we can fit a semi truck with a long trailer. This is generally in flat, populated areas. Our semi trucks usually can't fit into properties on hills or with narrow roads, and some cities have weight limits on certain roads which means delivery options may be different. So, always give us a couple days advance notice, especially if you're going to want the sod delivery and sod installation. 

Grass Delivery On Bobtail

If in an area that is hard to reach or an area that has narrow roads and weight limits, we may need to send a bobtail. A bobtail delivery needs 4-5 days advance notice since they fill up fast! Our bobtail truck is less than half the size of our large semi sod delivery trucks, making it easier to access harder to reach areas. Since these trucks are smaller, they are also limited on space and generally require about on week advance notice since they fill up quicker.

Hybrid tall fescue with bluegrass sod delivery with bobtail to Oakland CA

Getting Your Sod Delivery Date

If you are worried about ordering the sod and needing delivery on a specific day, be sure to order a couple weeks in advance. This gets your order locked in and you have your spot on the truck. If you want us to check for sod availability and delivery accessibility, you can always call us at 1-800-381-8163 and we can check for you in the moment. 

Last week we had 5 rescheduled sod deliveries from Friday to Saturday and Monday. The slots were all refilled within 20 minutes meaning sometimes if you call and wait too long, you can miss your sod delivery date. If you are not in a huge rush to get your sod down or are flexible with delivery dates, then a usual advance notice of 3-4 days should be fine.

Shade grass delivery and installation

Last Minute Grass Delivery

Remember you can always call us and ask! Landscapers call our sod delivery sales department daily looking for next day delivery and on weekdays we can usually make it happen! Our direct line is 1-800-381-8163. Thank you for visiting our grass delivery near me blog about sod delivery!

Grass Delivery Availability Calendar

Click on any grass delivery sod description below to look at pricing reviews and grass delivery availability!




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