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Kurapia hit the ground running in the lawn industry, and one of the main reasons is that Kurapia never has to be mowed. Kurapia is truly "mow free." In addition to never needing to be mowed, the popularity and success of Kurapia is also due to its drought tolerance and disease resistance. We'll go over some aspects of Kurapia below based on questions and feedback from you, our customers! If you rather watch a video on Kurapia, see our video below. 

Kurapia Sod

One reason Kurapia is often referred to as Kurapia sod is because it can be found in two main forms. Kurapia is sold either in sod roll form as Kurapia sod, or in the form of plugs as Kurapia plugs. The biggest benefit of Kurapia sod is that when installed, you have an immediate, uniform, dense lawn cover. Using Kurapia sod to cover the entire lawn at once not only gives you the satisfaction of immediately seeing your new lawn finished, Kurapia sod also makes it harder for the area to be susceptible to weeds with an immediate thick, and dense established layer.

Kurapia sod sample next to grass samples at the Sod and Seed, Inc. storefront

Kurapia Grass

Kurapia is popularly used as an alternative to grass, which is one reason we refer to it as Kurapia grass. We have seen Kurapia used as a potting plant and even for small pond areas. However, the most popular use of Kurapia we have seen is Kurapia grass used as a grass alternative for lawns. Kurapia grass is an excellent alternative for traditional sod lawns because it grows low, stays green year round, and can tolerate some foot traffic like kids and pets. Unlike traditional grass, Kurapia grass saves more water and doesn't require mowing. Don't worry, Kurapia can still host the furry members of the family, too. Check out our video below on Kurapia grass and dogs. 


Kurapia Ground Cover

Kurapia is also referred to as Kurapia ground cover because technically, Kurapia is an alternative ground cover. In our video linked below, we talk about what ground covers are and why Kurapia ground cover is a good plant to use. One of the biggest reasons Kurapia ground cover is a wonderful choice is because it is natural and can be played on. Many other ground covers used such as rocks, flowers or bushes, make areas inaccessible for play or social events. 

Kurapia Ground Cover Cost

Kurapia ground cover cost may seem high, but I always tell customers Kurapia ground cover cost is an upfront investment. The money otherwise spent on watering, mowing and maintaining the lawn is paid up front is covered in the Kurapia ground cover cost you'll pay. We're working on crunching the numbers but considering you will cut the cost of watering in half (at least if not more), you'll cut the costs associated with mowing (lawn mower, gas, etc.), and cut the cost of paying a landscaper to maintain to your lawn, the Kurapia ground cover cost isn't actually so bad. We usually keep sales running throughout the year so when you call us to check on Kurapia ground cost, ask us if we have any discounts available! 

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kurapia grass

Measure the lawn area and Round Up

 Be sure to measure your area properly before ordering your Kurapia grass. Too often, we have folks either order too much or too little Kurapia grass. Double check your measurements to avoid any headaches. You don't want to be the one posting free sod near me or worrying about dump fees if you order too much Kurapia sod. Even worse, you don't want to find yourself short of just one roll of Kurapia sod and be the one searching for free sod near me. 


Sod and Seed

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