Hybrid Bermuda Grass or Common Bermuda Grass

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Hybrid Bermuda Grass or Common Bermuda Grass

When looking for a lawn, bermuda grass is a great option. Bermuda grass can be found in its standard form or as hybrid bermuda grass. Bermuda grass repairs itself seasonally, saves water during the winter and provides an area well-suited for fun. Bermuda grass can be used for areas that will have both light or heavy foot traffic, being a great host for all kinds of activities throughout spring, summer and fall. Bermudas are a classic turf type in the United States and have made their way well into many industries. We'll talk a little bit about several topics below. 

Common Bermuda Grass

Common bermuda grass, or naturally occurring bermuda grass is very common. It can be found in many parts of the world and its origins can be traced back to Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. A well versed lawn owner knows that if you plant any sod other than bermuda in your like, there are pretty good chances of having bermuda grass eventually begin to grow in your lawn. However, over time, common bermuda grass has been further developed and cultivated for improved outcomes. 

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Hybrid Bermuda Grass

The hybrids have been developed to have a thinner blade with faster recovery but more importantly a sterile seed. This means each mowing session will not be spreading active Bermuda seeds. This will help keep the maintenance very low as well as get a premium fine blade with higher tolerance. Our hybrid be meters are the only sod we do not provide seed for since they are cultivated from stolons meaning if your lawn gets damaged it will heal itself you won’t need seed unless you wish to over seed seasonally during the winter at that point we would recommend 100% ryegrass seed.


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Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass Seed

Every week, we get plenty of phone calls asking for Tifway 419 bermuda grass seed. However, because the Tifway 419 bermuda grass is a hybrid bermuda, there is no seed for the Tifway 419 bermuda grass.

Tifway 419 Seed

Tifway 419 seed is unavailable because Tifway 419 is a hybrid bermuda grass. The bermuda grass seed you may be able to find is likely bermuda grass seed for common bermuda grass. Ultimately, you have the choice of overseeding your hybrid bermuda with common bermuda grass seed, but don't expect results as if you planted Tifway 419 seed.


Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass Seed Price

While Tifway 419 bermuda grass seed price options are unavailable because there is no Tifway 419 bermuda grass, in general, you can expect the grass seed price to rise. Due to a national seed shortage, grass seed is becoming more and more valuable. The most common practice is to seasonally overseed your bermuda grass with rye grass seed until the bermuda grass coms out of its dormancy period. 

TIFTUF Bermuda Grass

However popular the Tifway 419 bermuda grass is, along with other classics like Celebration bermuda grass, there is a new hybrid bermuda grass in town. TIFTUF is one of the newest hybrid Bermudas, cultivated to provide an array of benefits and improved performance. The TIFTUF bermuda grass offers superb performance in drought tolerance, disease resistance, recovery from wear and tear, and improved shade tolerance among other hybrid bermuda grasses. 

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Sod and Seed

Thank you for stopping by! We hope this blog has been helpful in answering some questions about bermuda grass, Tifway 419 bermuda grass seed, and sparked your curiosity for the TIFTUF bermuda grass. Feel free to give us a call any time with questions or for help placing an order. We hope to hear form you soon!


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