Hybrid Tall Fescue Grass The Newest Evolution In Fescue For Sod

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Fescue grass has been a staple for the west coast in providing thick durable lawns in locations where extreme hot and cold temperatures exist that ground covers like bermudagrass cant survive. 

Hybrid tall fescue sod roll showing grass blades

 Pictured above hybrid tall fescue with bluegrass sod roll opened

What Fescue Is Best

The question of best fescue is not a one answer question. Different surrounding change what we perceive as the best grass because we must first think of what the grass, sod or grass seed need. 

Newest Best Rated Hybrid Tall Fescue Sod

Meant for direct sun areas and active lawns while focusing on drought tolerance and fast recovery our new hybrid tall fescue with ten percent bluegrass is our fastest recovering deepest rooting fescue currently available. Our hybrid tall fescue stays green all year and does not brown out and die like bermudagrass. This grass will hold up to an active family with proper maintenance and loves 




Best Fescue Sod for Shade

For example an area with heavy shade and no traffic would prefer a fine fescue vs a tall fescue since fine fescue has higher shade tolerance. this means months down the road the lawn is healthy vs starving to death from the lack of direct light. also if you have heavy traffic from pets the shade blend is a mix of both hybrid fescue and fine fescue helping with the minimal light. fine fescue is also called mow free or no mow because it can be grown long.

If sod selection sounds like a lot to handle we are always here to help directly at 925-435-7874. Our staff can have recommended types that would work best for you in less than 5 minutes. Shopping around and find cheaper sod? Give us a call we are happy to do our best in beating our competitions prices.





Best Slow Growing Fescue Grass

Our dwarf fescue grasses provde a thinner blade than hybrid tall fescue and has a slower growth rate. Perfect for light areas that might get some traffic but is still durable enough for a weekend of fun. Trading thickness and blade growth with thinner blade and slower growth Dwarf Fescue grasses are a great middle ground for something less scratchy and more refined.

Our Full Selection Of Grass For Sod Delivery

Please Feel free to shop our full grass delivery selection available for sod delivery Below or by clicking sod in the menu above. Thank you for reading!




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  • I never knew there were so many types of fescue for California. I thought I had dwarf tall fescue but now I’m stumped.

    Fred c. on

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