Say Hello to a New Garden Friend, Kurapia!

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Kurapia, a New Garden Friend!


Kurapia is the newest lawn alternative for California. Our new garden friend, Kurapia sod, is an environmentally-friendly ground cover that helps you to be kind to our planet without compromising beauty or convenience. Kurapia is made to reduce your watering by over half, so there is no need to feel guilty about your new lawn! Kurapia sod also requires very little maintenance as it does not need to be mowed and is highly resistant to weeds.

Check out our Kurapia Stress Testing Video for more Information on Kurapia

Kurapia Has Many Names

If you've looked at our sod selection, you know that we have multiple Kurapia options. We have Kurapia Sod, Kurapia Grass, Kurapia Turf and Kurapia Ground Cover, and West Coast Kurapia Sod. Because Kurapia is a fairly new plant type in the lawn industry, we were often asked if we sold Kurapia sod, grass, turf, or ground cover. We understood the skepticism and confusion, so we catered to the needs of our customers. Ultimately, Kurapia comes in sod roll form, serves as an alternative ground cover, and closely resembles grass. Kurapia can be used to cover your lawn the way grass is used or in other creative ways in your garden. But our Kurapia options are all many in one! So whether you buy Kurapia sod, Kurapia grass, Kurapia ground cover, or Kurapia turf, it will still be the same new eco-friendly, water-saving garden friend!

Kurapia Sod Roll

Kurapia grass

Many folks are skeptical about Kurapia as a plant for their lawn or garden. Never having seen it before, it can make quite the impression. We also have customers who have a hard time believing it will never need to be mowed, but it is true. Just yesterday, we got a call from a customer who said that the small strip of Kurapia in their front lawn has been head-turning since they got it 10 months ago! They said after establishment, the Kurapia only needs water twice weekly for a few minutes (note watering needs vary based on many factors). Needless to say, they were ready to order more Kurapia grass to sod their yard.



Kurapia Ground Cover

Kurapia grass checks all the boxes if you're looking for a new water-saving lawn, a water-conserving addition to your garden, an eco-friendly plant or simply seeking to add a natural element to your home while providing environmental benefits. Kurapia has so many practical benefits and environmental benefits for lawn owners we can spend hours talking about! If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-381-8163, and one of our friendly sales representatives will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kurapia being used in a planting pot


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