How to Chose the Right Type of Grass for Your Lawn

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How to Chose the Right Type of Grass for Your Lawn

Choosing the right type of grass for your lawn is an important decision. The type of grass selected will determine what your lawn will look like in the future, how much time you will have to spend on it, and the type of pests that may infest it. For those who want a lush, green garden with little effort required from you, a turf-type grass would be a good choice. If you're looking for something that will help with soil erosion, we've got that, too! Believe it or not, we even have a lawn cover that you will NEVER have to mow. Yes, you read correctly, NEVER mow. Or maybe, you are looking for something that just looks nice and will impress family and friends. 

We Are Here to Help
You can find many types of grasses available to purchase at nurseries and garden centers. If you're not sure which type of turf grass would work best for your needs, you can search online and find some information about different types OR, you can come to us at Sod and Seed, Inc! At Sod and Seed, Inc. we want to make sure our grass thrives and will help you decide the sod type that will best suit your conditions. 
Below is some general information about important factors to consider when choosing a sod type along with a list of the grass types. We have taken the work out of for you and have categorized them based on what they need to thrive, what certain sod types are sensitive to and whether or not they can handle critical conditions such as shady patches.

Grass loves sun!
All of our grass is grown in direct sun. This means all of our grasses that we have on our list love full sun. Plants love light and grass is not an exception, considering each sod blade is its own plant organism. This means that you should avoid using a plant light, as it won’t provide your plants with the natural light energy they need to grow well. This includes sod. While not all grasses will do well in shaded areas, you have the option of planting our sods that are cultivated for shade and they will do fine. If your area turns out to be sunnier than expected, your yard will still flourish because all of our grass loves sun.

Why Shade Matters
Shade is a necessary part of gardening and plant life. When trees are planted too close to other trees or plants, they often cast shade over the area below them. Shade can be harmful to plants for many reasons, but it's important to know when shade might actually be beneficial. There are many benefits to using shade on an area. For example, shade allows you to both keep your house cool and enjoy the outdoors without direct sun which can be harmful to our skin. Shade is usually an outdoor option but has many benefits if it extends to cover your indoors as well. Shade can be installed on any window to block harmful UV rays, heat, and glare, whether it’s with an outside plant like a tree or window blinds and drapes. This way, shade also helps reduce transmission of heat through windows, which helps keep your house cool and can save energy costs for air conditioning.

Our Sod Options and Their Ideal Conditions
The best sod option for your lawn is based on the conditions in your region as well your immediate environment, but there are some general guidelines to follow. Read on to the list below for some general recommendations.

Grass for Shady Areas:

  1. Shade Blend

  2. Mow Free / Now Mow



Grass for Areas with Foot Traffic

  1. Delta Tall 9010

  2. Bolero Plus

  3. Shade Blend

  4. Hybrid Tall Fescue

  5. Elite Plus

  6. Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue

  7. Any of our Bermuda selections



Grass that is Drought Tolerant

  1. Kurapia

  2. Delta Tall 9010

  3. Bolero Plus

  4. Elite Plus

  5. Any of our Bermuda selections



Grass that is Low Maintenance

  1. Kurapia

  2. Mow Free / No Mow

  3. Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue

  4. Bolero Plus

  5. Any of our Bermuda selections



Aesthetic Grass

  1. Blue Rye

  2. Ryegrass

  3. Bluegrass

  4. Kurapia


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  • Thank you for this information. This helps a lot.

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