Dwarf fescue grass vs. Tall fescue grass with video

Posted by George Bravos on

Dwarf fescue grass vs. Tall fescue grass 

Two very popular fescue blends for California. Here in this video, we explain the difference between Bolero Plus and Delta Tall Fescue.





For more information on each grass, click our links below.






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  • Stumbled across this and found it very helpful! Thanks for sharing. When I found the blog, I was debating between Bolero Plus and West Coaster, and my questions were answered nicely. Expect a call from me soon for an order.

    Matthew Pearson on
  • Thank you for making all this possible with a video about it such a great product. Now, I know what is best for my place.

    Emme Branch on
  • Is Dwarf Fescue Grass is the perfect option for golf courses and commercial applications than Tall fescue?

    Frank Garza on
  • Although both make great lawns, there are some interesting differences between the two.

    Krystal Terrell on
  • While these grasses look similar, they have some significant differences in growth and the way we should use them.

    Steven Mccallum on

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