How is Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue Sod Different from Regular Types of Grass?

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How is Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue Sod Different from Regular Types of Grass?

Enduro tall fescue sod is different from typical fescue types of grass, find out what makes Enduro sod so different from other sod mixtures and how Enduro grass compares in terms of durability and water savings.

Enduro sod

Enduro Fescue vs Standard Fescue

Enduro tall fescue sod is a type of grass that is overall better than other types of sod and has several benefits. Enduro sod is particularly beneficial in terms of durability and water efficiency. Enduro is more durable than most other types of turf types and does not require watering as often as traditional grass. Enduro's water efficiency also means there is less risk for damage due to under and over-watering. 

Our Enduro sod is a top-quality product used to create a lush, green space in yards and gardens. Enduro's roots are deep and dense, which makes this Dwarf Fescue an excellent option for high traffic areas. The blades of the sod are thick and tight, giving it a beautiful green color year round.


Enduro Fescue Sod Ratings and Water Savings

Enduro Tall Fescue sod is qualified for the TWCA Certification for water savings. This hybrid dwarf tall fescue will give you superior drought tolerance and durability and will continue to thrive and stay green all year. Below is our rating system which covers all important factors for an Enduro sod lawn.

Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue Ratings 1 - 10 (10 being best)

Enduro Drought tolerance: 9

Enduro Winter color: 9

Enduro Heat tolerance: 9

Enduro Moderate wear repair: 8

Enduro Disease resistance: 8

Enduro Shade tolerance: 5

Enduro Grass Pricing and Reviews









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  • I am satisfied with the quality and durability of the sod. Our neighborhood used ENDURO DWARF TALL FESCUE SOD for their lawn, and how it holds up very well during the cold season. It is a great lawn to have.

    Mikael Roth on
  • I’m having fun reading a lot from your blog. I can’t deny the facts that you are giving me an insight for my next project after the winter.

    Jenna Decker on
  • Looks like this is an excellent sod option. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Shawn Norton on
  • Your blog was so informative and enjoyable. I would recommend it to my family living in Fresno, California!

    Isla Love on
  • Enduro’s ability to maintain its looks and appeal is one of the benefits of having a type of fescue grass. This sod is ideal for playing sports games.

    Ella-Mai Enriquez on

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