The Best Sod for Long Beach

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The 5 Best Selling Sods for Long Beach

Lets talk best sod for Long Beach, home to California State University Long Beach, Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Aquarium of the Pacific and one of the most popular terminals to reach the Catalina Island. With a reported population of about 467,000 residents, Long Beach lies along California's Pacific Coast right in between Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Huntington Beach. The coastal climate of Long Beach offers annual temperatures generally between a low of 47 degrees and high of 89 degrees. Due to moderate temperatures, our most popular and suitable sods for Long Beach vary as the city does not require sod types that tolerate extreme temperatures. 

sod lawn long beach

Sod lawn at Lighthouse Point in Long Beach, California

The 5 Best Selling Sod and Grass Seed Types for Long Beach

The following list of the best selling sod and grass seed types for Long Beach is based on our 2021 sales trends and in-house product testing. The list of best sod types for Long Beach is in no particular order and while the sod that best suits your lawn may not be at the top of the list, it doesn't mean it's not the best fit for you! Similarly, there may be other grasses that may suit your needs not on this list. Please give us a call to further discuss the lawn that will best match your conditions. 

1. Kurapia Ground Cover

Our Kurapia ground cover has been a big hit in Long Beach the same way it has been everywhere else. Kurapia ground cover has come to shake things up in the lawn industry with significant water savings and unprecedented low maintenance. Kurapia ground cover is an alternative ground cover with growth low to the ground, giving it an uncanny resemblance to grass. Kurapia ground cover grows laterally, which means it doesn't have to be mowed because it grows side to side instead of up above the surface like traditional grass. The dense lateral growth also makes Kurapia ground cover significantly more disease-resistant. Most markedly, Kurapia ground cover is highly drought tolerant, with a deep rooting system that helps Kurapia ground cover save up to 60% on watering. Kurapia ground cover is an excellent choice for Long Beach because it loves full sun and thrives in moderate temperatures. 

Kurapia Ground Cover Video and Information

CLICK HERE to see a video of Kurapia ground cover by Sod and Seed, Inc.



2. Shade Blend Sod

Shade Blend is an increasingly common sod for Long Beach because it tolerates shade while giving sod lawns many essential benefits. Our Shade Blend sod, a mix of 90 percent Tall Fescue and 10 percent fine fescues, gives all of the desired tall fescue benefits while giving lawns the shade tolerance of fine fescues. Some of the tall fescue sod benefits our Special Shady Mix give are drought tolerance, heat tolerance, disease resistance and wear-and-tear recovery from foot traffic. Our Shade Blend grass is ideal for areas with partial shade or areas with both full sun and shade, since our Shady Mix also loves full sun! 

Special Shady Mix Grass Seed

A huge advantage to our Shade Blend sod mix is that we also offer our customers the Shade Blend grass seed for all reseeding needs. CLICK HERE to view more on our Shade Blend grass seed.



3. Delta 9010 Hybrid Tall Fescue with Bluegrass

Like Kurapia ground cover sod, our Delta Tall 9010 Fescue sod has been a big hit in Long Beach like it has everywhere else. Coastal regions are known for a culture of outdoor lifestyle, whether it's a swim at the beach or a bike ride along the coast. The Delta Tall 9010 Fescue sod mix is an all-around top choice because it offers tolerance to higher foot traffic, the highest grass drought tolerance, heat tolerance, disease resistance and some shade tolerance. Our Delta Hybrid Tall Fescue with Bluegrass is the perfect sod for a busy family who loves to enjoy outside play, events and sports activities. 

Tall Fescue with Kentucky Bluegrass Seed 

Sod and Seed, Inc. proudly offers you Delta Tall 9010 Fescue sod grass seed! This is the same farm-grade seed used to grow our sod. CLICK HERE to view more about our Delta Tall 9010 Fescue grass seed. 



4. Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue with Bluegrass Sod

Bolero Plus sod is an excellent choice for Long Beach lawn owners who want similar benefits to our Delta Tall 9010 but also want a lower maintenance lawn. Our Bolero Plus sod, a dwarf fescue with bluegrass mix, provides lawn owners with drought tolerance, heat tolerance, disease resistance, and wear-and-tear recovery. But, the Bolero Plus sod has a slightly thinner and slower growing blade, making it lower maintenance than its tall fescue counter parts. 

Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue with Bluegrass Seed

CLICK HERE for our high-quality, farm-grade Bolero Plus sod grass seed. Reseed your Bolero Plus lawn with no worry of a patchy looking lawn. 



5. Latitude 36 Bermuda Grass

Our Latitude 36 is an excellent and popular sod for Long Beach, and you'll know why. Our Latitude 36 is a Bermuda grass, which means it goes dormant and yellows up during the winter. However, this "problem" is commonly solved by overseeding bermudagrass lawns with Perennial Rye Grass seed. Now that we have addressed that, our Latitude 36 Bermuda grass is so popular because it boasts the highest possible heat tolerance and above average drought tolerance. The Latitude 36 Bermuda grass is also disease resistant and has great wear-and-tear recovery, making it tolerant to foot traffic and making it a perfect sports turf or sod lawn for active families. 

Bermuda Grass Information

To learn more about Bermuda grass in California, CLICK HERE to check out our blog, "5 Thing You Should Know About the Best Bermuda Grass for California."



Long Beach, thank you for your time and business! We truly hope this blog serves as a guide to choose the best sod lawn for your area. We encourage you to share this blog with others who may find this resource helpful. Let us know in the comments section below the sod or ground cover that would best suit your needs! As always, we welcome comments, feedback, and questions. You can comment below or reach us via phone, text, and email. 

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Thank you, 

Sod and Seed, Inc. 

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  • Hi Toby Reid, It is advisable that you wait 14 days before walking on your new sod. It is recommended to wait a bit longer in the winter months, around 14 to 21 days. This time period allows the roots to develop.

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  • I’ve been a reader since the pandemic, and your contents have wowed me. Please continue to write more! For sure, I will use your company to do my lawn here in Long Beach as I am planning to have it this year :). Kurapia is the top one on my list.

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