Why Sod and Seed, Inc. is the Best for Sod in California

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Why We Are the Best Sod in California

Best Sod for California

Every day we hear, "What is the best sod for my area in California?" The answer to this questions is simple and complex at the same time. The best sod you can find with us at Sod and Seed, Inc., that simple. Which ones of our turf types is best for you is the more complex question.

large truck delivering sod
Sod delivery truck for Sod and Seed, Inc.

El Centro to Fresno to San Francisco

California has one of the most diverse ecosystems. Therefore, one lawn solution cannot fit our broad scope of environments. Some areas of California get extreme heat like Fresno or El Centro. Meanwhile, other areas in California like San Francisco or Alameda have cooler temperatures from the cool ocean breeze and have heavier overcast climate. Sod and Seed, Inc. knows one sod is not the perfect fit for all of California. A diverse ecosystem will require diverse types of sod, maybe some fescue mixes or hybrid Bermuda grasses. The level of activity on the grass also plays a huge role in deciding which sod is best for your lawn, along with watering needs, and direct or indirect sunlight exposure. Best of all, each Sod and Seed, Inc. order is cut to ship, never held in stock, delivered fresh from the farm to your home. You are also guaranteed to receive the sod type you ordered!

sod lawn with sunset background
Sod and Seed, Inc. Mow Free Sod Installation.

Sod and Seed, Inc. Training, Education and Experience

Here at Sod and Seed, Inc. we specialize in all things sod and lawns. We provide educational coursework to staff on Horticulture as well as training by irrigation specialists and CSLB licensed professionals on residential and commercial regulations and policies. Not to mention, we operate on over 25 years of direct experience in the sod industry. I will explain a little more about what we have to offer below. 

1. Largest Sod Selection in California 

Sod and Seed, Inc. offers you the largest sod selection in California. Not everyone know how many turf types there are and many of our conversations usually go something like this:

"Hello, I want sod delivered to my home, how much does your grass cost?"

"Which type of sod are you interested in?"

"I just want regular grass."

"We understand, but we have over 30 turf types."

"I had no idea there were so many types of grass."

"Would you like us to ask you some questions to find the sod that will best suit your conditions?" 

"Yes, please."

The main reason we have so many turf types is because one grass does not fit all lawn needs. California is rich in climate and landscape, so we have a rich selection of types of grass to suit each one of those areas. From Fescue mixes to Bermuda grasses and alternative ground cover options like Kurapia, Sod and Seed, Inc. has you covered. As Sod and Seed, Inc. expands to serve beyond California, our sod selection is growing along with our grass seed options. 

turf type samples
Sod and Seed, Inc. Turf Type Samples. 

Grass Seed Selection

CLICK HERE to view our grass seed selection!

2. Highly Organic and Non-Netted Sod Options

The majority of lawns delivered by Sod and Seed, Inc. are for residential properties. Most often, it is a family with children and pets looking to create a safe and fun space for leisure and relaxation. If you have kids or pets, you know they love rolling around in the grass, and will probably bring their dirt-covered hands, feet and paws into the home. But what if the soil and the grass aren't safe? What if they get caught in the netting or ingest unsafe dirt? These are valid questions, and very important ones to make when looking for a lawn! The safety and health of our lawns is one reason we offer turf types that are on highly organic soil bases and non-netted. For example, we offer highly organic soil bases and non-netted options for the Blue Rye 50 50, Delta Tall 9010, Kurapia ground cover and various Bermuda grass options. Call us and ask us about your organic and non-netted sod options!

sod roll
Sod and Seed, Inc. Sod Roll Inspection. 

3. Native Grass Options

California is rich in nature and biodiversity. In fact, California is the most biodiverse state in the United States, housing some of the most beautiful flowers and the tallest trees in the world. However, California history tells us much of our original landscape has dramatically been altered or removed in the last couple hundred years. Plants and seed from all over the world have been introduced to California, altering the native ecosystem. However, Sod and Seed, Inc. offers various types of native grasses, which provide increased water savings. Our most popular native sod is our Native Mow Free sod or Native No Mow sod but the list doesn't stop there. If you're interested in California native grass types, call us at (925) 435 - 7874 and ask us about your options. 

native grass lawn
Sod and Seed, Inc. No Mow Sod Installation. 

4. We Find a Lawn Cover That Will Best Suit Your Conditions 

Unlike most other companies, Sod and Seed, Inc. is not in the business of selling you on the most expensive product, or the cheapest product. At Sod and Seed, Inc., we pride ourselves in finding the sod type that will best suit your conditions and needs. For example, you may call us interested in one of our Bermuda grasses like the Celebration Bermuda grass or Latitude 36 Bermuda grass, but we will ask to go through a series of questions to identify whether those options are in fact the turf types that will thrive in your lawn. If your lawn is shady, then we are likely to recommend our Shade Blend sod or Mow Free sod instead of a Bermuda grass. We care about the livelihood of our plants and want your lawn to thrive. 

sod rolls in driveway
Sod and Seed, Inc. Sod Delivery.

5. Over 25 Years of Experience in the Sod Industry 

Our CEO, George Bravos, was 13 years old when he installed his first lawn. Little did he know that was the beginning of a life-long legacy and future sod business that would grow to service all of California and many parts of the U.S. His first lawn installation led to many more, and by the time he was in high school, George was managing the The Sod Shop office operations and installations. George's vision has led him to personally train all staff to convey his years of experience, from sales coaching to learning about the different types of grass and small tricks and tips that make each installation job of the highest quality. Over the years, each installer and office staff has personally been passed on the many years of experience Sod and Seed, Inc. was built on. Rest assured, every policy, every system, and every service is based on years of experience in the field. To this day, you are likely to find George visiting one of the job sites and jumping in to help install sod or renovating his own lawn and growing his garden. 

sod roller on sod lawn
Sod and Seed, Inc. CEO, George, at installation job site. 

6. In-House Sod Testing

Sod and Seed, Inc. conducts in-house testing of our sod selection to ensure our turf types will deliver proper performance and not just survive, but thrive in diverse environments. For example, most recently Sod and Seed, Inc. has conducted over 1 year of in-house testing of our sod selection in Fresno, CA to ensure the sod types recommended withstand Fresno's heat and year-long climate. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Kurapia ground cover testing!

sod sample stress testing

Sod and Seed, Inc. Sod Sample Stress Testing at the Concord, CA Storefront.

7. Staff Training by Irrigation Specialists and Licensed CSLB Licensed Contractors

Every Sod and Seed, Inc. employee is either a certified irrigation specialist, licensed contractor, or trained by one! As a licensed contractor and certified irrigation specialist himself, our CEO has modeled and believes in proper training of all staff to ensure safety based on regulations and policies. Our CEO's education, experience and training as a contractor and irrigation specialist has helped the company establish guidelines and policies that prioritize safety and a job well done. There's a lot beneath the surface of a pristine lawn (literally), and knowing the best way to manage each job has helped Sod and Seed, Inc. earn its long-standing reputation. There's much more to a lawn than just rolling out a couple sod rolls, and Sod and Seed, Inc. will know just what to do!

front sod lawn installation
Sod and Seed, Inc. Installation Crew.

8. Formal Staff Education and College Coursework

Sod and Seed, Inc. has worked to provide staff members formal education in the field. Most recently, Sod and Seed, Inc. staff (including our CEO!) were provided paid coursework in Horticulture at Diablo Valley College (DVC). Staff were able to learn about important things in the sod industry such as soil types, conduct soil testing, plant types, water conservation practices, and the lifecycle of plant life.

sod and seed ceo in horticulture class
Sod and Seed, Inc. CEO in horticulture class at DVC.

Diablo Valley College, Horticulture Department

Sod and Seed, Inc. thanks Professor Black and Michelle at the DVC Horticulture Department for their support, hard work, dedication, and relentless vision for the health of plant life everywhere. 

sod and seed inc staff in horticulture class
Sod and Seed, Inc. Staff at DVC's Horticulture Department.
Thank you for joining us today! We hope you will choose Sod and Seed, Inc. for all your lawn needs and lawn delivery services. We deliver Monday - Saturday and are open every day from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, as well as open for after hours Monday - Friday. Call us or text us with any questions or for help placing an order at (925) 435 - 7874. You can also reach us via email at info@lawndelivery.com. 

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  • I am a customer of Sod and Seed, and they are the best lawn care company in San Mateo. I am highly satisfied with their work for me and my lawn. Unlike other companies that always promise but can never deliver, Sod and Seed will go beyond your expectations and leave you with a happy property.

    David Bain on
  • I agree with you Ben, and we need to find a local company with a track record of excellent customer service to ensure that the customers won’t be disappointed and the best product to be offered. All of these things are found in Sod and Seed.

    Sharon McGinnis on
  • The three main reasons I go with Sod and Seed is one, the customer service. The people are great and very personable. Two, the product is incredible, and they have a large selection of varieties to choose from, and lastly, I don’t have any problem with the delivery. I’ve been a landscaper for five years now, And I use Sod and Seed every chance I get because it’s the best sod you can buy.

    Ben Carry on
  • Sod and Seed is the best shop for lawn seeds or sod. I have been using them for years, and they have always come through for me. I just got my order today and was still extremely happy with the results. These guys are so professional, and I would highly recommend them to all my friends.

    Gina Hailey on
  • I am so grateful I found Sod and Seed. Their prices are unbeatable, and their customer service is excellent. My seed orders were delivered even if it was heavily raining. Kudos to the delivery guy.

    William D. Warhurst on

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