Best Sod for Contra Costa County

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Best Selling Sod for Contra Costa County

Best Sod for Contra Costa County

Welcome everyone to Sod and Seed, Inc.'s list of the Best Sod for Contra Costa County. We will share considerations on what to look for when choosing a ground cover and installing (or remodeling) a lawn in Contra Costa County. We will cover some information about Contra Costa County as well as the sod recommendations we make for installations. Contra Costa County is near and dear to our hearts because that is where our company was born. It is also the county where our CEO did his first lawn installation as a young teenager many years ago. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment area provided below or give us a call. Let's get started!

Please enjoy reading through all of the sod selection to see what type of sod would suit your conditions the best!

best sod for concord

Sod and Seed, Inc.'s first storefront in Concord, California. 

Hybrid Tall Fescue with Bluegrass Sod

Our best-selling type of grass for lawn installation in Contra Costa County is a powerhouse tall fescue and bluegrass mixture called Delta Tall 9010. The Tall 90/10 is a hybrid fescue that was specifically cultivated for many common environmental and lawn problems. For example, the Delta Tall 9010 is a highly drought-tolerant grass, helping lawn owners deal with the issue of on and off drought conditions, heat waves, dry periods, etc. It is also cultivated to withstand heavy foot traffic, so playing on the lawn doesn't mean having to patch up your lawn or re-seed every couple of months. 

Tall fescue with bluegrass mix

CLICK HERE to view more on our Delta Tall 9010 Hybrid Tall Fescue with Kentucky Bluegrass. 

Kurapia Ground Cover

It would be a disservice to overlook mentioning Kurapia ground cover. Kurapia ground cover in an alternative ground cover from Japan that offers exceptional benefits. Kurapia ground cover is extremely drought tolerant, saving up to 60% on watering needs which means both time and money! Kurapia also never has to be mowed. We promise it's true. Kurapia ground cover grows laterally and upward growth remains pretty low to the ground. Kurapia is also highly aesthetic, blooming miniature white flowers twice per year between the months of May and October. 



Shade Blend Mix Sod for Shady Lawns

Although Contra Costa is known for its hot weather, there are plenty of shady lawns as well. If you have a shady lawn, we always narrow recommendations down to about 5 types of grass. For the best recommendation, we do have to know what the shady conditions are like. After that, we need to figure out the foot traffic conditions the installed lawn will have, such as kids or pets. However, a safe bet in shady areas with foot traffic is our very special Shade Blend. This sod does great with higher foot traffic and will handle almost all conditions, including direct sun (don't let the name fool you!).

 shady lawn mix

CLICK HERE to view more on our Shade Blend fescue mix. 

Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass Sod

Another popular lawn installation option is one of our Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass mixes. Below is a picture of one of our BlueRye grasses. The Bluegrass Ryegrass sod mix has a fine texture and requires normal watering. The Blue Rye mix also loves and thrives in direct sun. The mixes of Bluegrass and Ryegrass can vary, with some mixes having more Blue than Rye, other more Rye than Blue, 100% Kentucky Bluegrass, 100% Perennial Ryegrass, and some 50% Kentucky Bluegrass and 50% Perennial Ryegrass. Whichever you'd like, we probably have it in our wide selection of Blue Rye sod options. Each type of bluegrass and ryegrass we carry will have the fine texture referenced. The Bluegrass Ryegrass blends also have an appealing look to them. It's nearly impossible to convey their fine texture and beautiful aesthetic, but we'll give it a shot! 



Best Grass for Contra Costa

The selection of grasses that would work in Contra Costa vary wildly within our county, but there are key things to know before installing a lawn that will help ensure a healthy and long-lasting lawn in general. For instance, before installing a lawn, it is important to know the watering your lawn will need. Foot traffic conditions are also an essential consideration before choosing a sod lawn to lay out. One example of how conditions impact sod options is our Blue Rye blends. Blends of Bluegrass and Ryegrass come in many types and vary in color due to conditions. Similarly, the density and color of Kurapia adapts to its environment. 

CLICK HERE to view our Kurapia Ground Cover Video or click the link below

We offer many excellent turf types for a lawn installation in Contra Costa County. But, before selecting the grass you'll install, it is critical to know factors like sun, shade, and foot traffic conditions. What city in Contra Costa are you seeking sod for? Sod and Seed, Inc. provides Contra Costa County turf delivery and installation six days a week, closed on Sunday's. If you are still deciding and are looking for pictures on any type of sod, you can find them on each of our products pages. Sod and Seed, Inc. would love to answer any questions you have! Feel free to comment, share and post our blog. We hope to hear from you soon!

Grass Seed 

CLICK HERE to view our grass seed selection. 

Starter Fertilizer for Grass

CLICK HERE to view our Starter Fertilizer for grass and ground covers. 

Lawn Installation

Ask us about our sod lawn installation options! You can also CLICK HERE to view our DIY Prep and Installation Guide or the link below.

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  • Heyy, O’Brien! We also used Santa Ana Bermuda here in Contra Costa for many applications, and it has worked well in all of them – we used it as a sports turf. When we first received the Santa Ana Bermuda grass seed, I was impressed with the beautiful green color. It also had a nice medium-fine texture and appeared great for installing in my yard.

    Dave Mack Tyring on
  • I have used this Santa Ana Bermuda grass for years and have never had any problems with it.

    O'Brien Smith Frazier on
  • I also lived in Contra Costa, Joy, and was a little skeptical about this product since it had only positive reviews. I decided to try it, and I am thrilled with the results. It germinated quickly and filled in the area where I had thin patches. The price is perfect too. Give it a try if you’re looking for some shade grass seed.

    Georgie Brown on
  • I live in Contra Costa, and I have a four-year-old son who loves to play with his toys in the backyard. I used to have thin grass and had almost no color in the yard. I decided to change the look of my backyard by putting in new sod. I wanted to get the best sod for my yard, and I agreed to go to Shade Blend Fescue Seed. The grass is thick and green now. My son loves playing on it.

    Joy McCain on
  • Hello, Linda! We are sorry to hear that and thank you for your patience in taking the time to call us. Please send us an email at

    Sod and Seed Staff on

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