The Best Sod and Grass Seed for Riverside

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Best Sod for Riverside California

Riverside City and Riverside County are Huge in comparison to your average city or county. Ranking as one of the largest counties in America Riverside has many diverse weather conditions for sod. Southern California City's generally receive heavier hotter conditions and need a sod or grass seed that can handle not just drought tolerance but multiple tasks like durability, or pet friendly, or sun and shade sod needs. Based on our sod farms delivery demands here is our top 5 sod and grass seed types for Riverside California.


Top 5 Sod and Grass Seed Types for Riverside California.

Do Not look at these as ranked in best find the sod type that suits your lawn and family needs. One family may need something for pets while another for young children. Each sod has qualities for a need, find what sod or grass seed suits you best.


1. West Coaster Sod Tall Fescue Blend

West Coaster Tall Fescue sod is a popular so for all of California. The West Coaster sod is a mixture of Tall Fescue and Bluegrass that is sure to keep up with the family. Tall Fescue so has become more popular due to the sods deep rooting and dark green color all year versus seasonal grasses liker bermudagrass. This sod can handle the diverse soil types of Riverside making it our top pick for sod and grass seed. For more information on West Coaster sod including west coaster sod delivery or sod pickup please click the link below.



West Coaster Seed


2. Celebration Bermudagrass Sod

Bermudagrass has dominate much of southern California and for Riverside sod Celebration is a classic. Many homes that were put in generations ago have celebration sod and this Bermudagrass is one of the best Bermuda sod types for hot days and warm evenings. Celebration Bermudagrass sod is drought tolerant and tough. Bermudagrass sod prefers direct sun but can handle partial filtered shade. For more information on West Coaster sod delivery or sod pickup please click the link below.



 Bermudagrass Seed or Plugs


3. St Augustine Sod

Everywhere in California people want St Augustine sod only southern California is lucky enough to have the right weather. Riverside County has warm evenings and high enough temperatures for Saint or St. Augustine sod to thrive in. St Augustine sod grows slow and takes along time to grow making it very limited while St. Augustine sod supplies last. We can not guarantee this will be around for long due to selling out every season. For more information on St. Augustine sod please click the link below.



St Augustine Grass Seed


4.Shade Blend Sod

Shade Blend sod is a 9010 blend of Tall Fescue and Fine Fescue. 90 percent tall fescue and 10 percent fine fescue. Fine fescue also known as no mow or mow free has a 10 out of 10 on shade tolerant helping our shade blend lawn stay fuller in areas with filtered or seasonal shade. Shade bland thrives in full sun and is grown in direct full sun at the farm this sod can handle the heat! For more information about our shade blend sod please visit the link below.



Shade Blend Grass Seed

We are proud t offer the same farm grade grass seed that goes directly into our sod for you here. Our shade blend Seed is 90 pecent tall fescue and 10 percent fine fescue the perfect mix for a mixed sun and shade lawn.


5. Bluerye sod Bluegrass Ryegrass sod mix

Bluerye is a soft texture sod with slow growth and the best visual appeal. Bluegrass ryegrass sod mixes will not leave you scratched from the blades, instead this is so soft new born children do not find any irritation from the blades only soft bliss. Bluerye sod looks the best and will give any other grass a hard time showing different. Bluegrass sod and Ryegrass sod are both cool season grasses, they thrive in cooler temperatures but if properly watered and maintained can suit almost any environment. Be warned if the temperature gets over 90 degrees begin adding an extra water cycle or more time on the watering this sod like consistent every other day if not daily watering if hot enough. There are multiple blends depending on your area and soil we should be able to recommend what would suit the conditions best. For more information on Bluegrass Ryegrass sod mixes please click the link below.


Bluerye Grass Seed


Honorable Mention to new ground cover sod product for California 

Kurpia is the newest ground cover to California and is prat of the Phyla family of ground covers. We have sold out every year since it being sold in sod form. Welcome Kurapia ground cover sod.

Kurapia Ground Cover Sod

Kurapia ground cover is a new sterile hybrid that can save you an average of 60 percent on water versus a traditionally sod lawn. Kurapia ground cover is like a bermudagrass in the sense of it seasonally slowing down and kurapia also holds the same bermudagrass self repairing.


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  • I also love this grass, Kelly. I ordered a pallet of West Coaster Sod Tall Fescue sod last week, and it was delivered today. The driver was great! I have never seen such a beautiful bunch of grass before, and I am incredibly pleased with this company. They are quick to respond to emails and very helpful in general. I will be ordering from them again in the future.

    Sandra Jane Holmes on
  • I have used West Coaster Sod Tall Fescue a couple of times now, and I love the sod. I will be using them again in a couple of months to do another lawn for my new business apartment.

    Kelly C. Lewis on
  • Hey, bro Dave! My homie used G1 Bermudagrass in their place in Riverside, and it suited very well. I’m planning to buy this one too.

    Steve Brown Jr. on
  • What Bermudagrass do you recommend in Riverside?

    Dave Henry on

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