The Best Sod and Grass Seed for Riverside

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Best Sod for Riverside California

Riverside is a city located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California and the county seat of Riverside County. Riverside is situated approximately 60 miles east of Los Angeles. Comparatively, Riverside county is quite large! In fact, Riverside County is one of the largest counties in America. Riverside city has a population of over 330,000 people, making it the 12th most populous city in California. The city of Riverside is known for its historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, which is a popular tourist destination. Other attractions in Riverside include the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, the California Museum of Photography, the Riverside Art Museum and UC Riverside. The University of California, Riverside is part of the University of California system and is one of the fastest-growing universities in the state. Riverside's economy is largely driven by healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries.

best sod for riverside california

Riverside has many diverse weather conditions for sod. Generally, cities in Southern California are hotter and need a sod grass or grass seed that can handle not just drought tolerance but multiple tasks like durability and being pet friendly. Riverside, CA has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average high temperature in the summer months (June-September) is in the mid-90s °F (32-35°C), while the average low temperature in the winter months (December-February) is in the mid-40s to low 50s °F (7-12°C). Rainfall in Riverside is highest during the winter months, with an average of about 10-11 inches (25-28 cm) of rain per year, mostly occurring between November and March. The summer months are usually dry with very little rainfall.

kurapia sod for riverside, ca

Due to its inland location, Riverside tends to be slightly hotter than coastal cities in Southern California. During heat waves, temperatures can occasionally reach over 100°F (38°C). In general, the best time to visit Riverside is during the spring (March-May) or fall (September-November), when temperatures are mild and comfortable. Based on our 2022 sales, here are our top 5 sod and grass seed types for Riverside California. 

Top 5 Sod and Grass Seed Types for Riverside, California

The sod types below are ranked in random order. A phone call with one of our friendly Sales Representatives will be best to make the final decision about the sod type that best suits your lawn and family needs. One family may need something for pets while another family may want sod grass suitable for young children. Each sod has qualities for a need, so lets find what sod or grass seed suits you best.

1. West Coaster Sod Tall Fescue Blend

West Coaster Tall Fescue sod is a popular so for all of California. The West Coaster sod is a mixture of Tall Fescue and Bluegrass that is sure to keep up with the family. Tall Fescue so has become more popular due to the sods deep rooting and dark green color all year versus seasonal grasses liker bermudagrass. This sod can handle the diverse soil types of Riverside making it our top pick for sod and grass seed. For more information on West Coaster sod including west coaster sod delivery or sod pickup please click the link below.



West Coaster Seed

We provide our West Coaster Tall Fescue Sod Grass in grass seed as well! Be sure to order grass seed with your sod order for any future seeding or reseeding needs. 


2. Elite Plus Fescue Sod

Our Elite Plus fescue sod has been a best-seller across California for over a decade. Our Elite Plus fescue sod is a dine balance of practicality and aesthetics. Elite Plus fescue sod is a dwarf tall fescue sod, which means it grows a little slower and has slightly thinner blades for an improved aesthetic look. If you're looking for a lawn that will turn heads while also saving you water, time and money, Elite Plus is the right choice for you!


Elite Plus Grass Seed

Sod and Seed, Inc, proudly provides the same farm-grade, high-quality grass used to grow our sod. Be sure to purchase the Elite Plus dwarf fescue sod grass seed with your sod order for future seeding needs. 


3. St. Augustine Sod

Every day, we receive calls from everywhere in California from people wanting St. Augustine sod. However, only southern California is lucky enough to have the right weather for it! Riverside County has warm evenings and high enough temperatures for St. Augustine sod to thrive in. St. Augustine sod grows slow, making it very limited while St. Augustine sod supplies last. We can not guarantee St. Augustine will be around for long due to limited availability and St. Augustine selling out every season. For more information on St. Augustine sod, please click the link below!


St. Augustine Grass Seed

Sod and Seed, Inc. provides St. Augustine sod in sod form only. 

4. Marathon I, Marathon II and Marathon III Fescue Sod

The Marathon sod series has been one of the most popular in Southern California for many years, so Sod and Seed, Inc. is happy to deliver your next order of Marathon sod! The Marathon sod series provides ample options from tall fescue sod grass to an extra dwarf fescue sod grass. Though the Marathon I, Marathon II and Marathon II are not yet listed on our website, please call us at 1-800-381-8163 to get a free quote or for help placing an order. 


Bermudagrass has dominated much of Riverside and the grater Southern California area as a classic choice for lawns. Many homes that were put in generations ago have bermuda grass sod. The use of bermuda grass for lawns is popular due to significant water savings and resistance to high foot traffic. Currently, TIFTUF bermuda grass is one of the best Bermudagrass sod types, perfect for hot days and warm evenings in Riverside. TIFTUF Bermudagrass sod is drought tolerant and tough. Bermudagrass sod prefers direct sun but can handle partial filtered shade. For more information on TIFTUF bermuda grass sod delivery or sod pickup, please click the link below.


Bermudagrass Seed or Plugs

At this time, Sod and Seed, Inc. offers all bermuda grass options in sod roll form only. We are working to provide sod roll and plug options for bermuda grass, so be on the lookout!

Honorable Mention to Our New Ground Cover Kurapia Sod

Kurapia ground cover sod is relatively new to California lawns and landscaping and is taking over the future of lawns! Kurapia ground cover sod is partially made with a native plant to California part of the Phyla family ground covers. We sell out if Kurapia ground cover sod every year since it being sold in sod form. Welcome Kurapia ground cover sod! 

Kurapia Sod Ground Cover

Kurapia ground cover is a new, sterile hybrid ground cover that can save you an average of 60 percent on water versus a traditional sod lawn. Kurapia ground cover is like a bermudagrass in the sense that growth seasonally slows down. Kurapia ground cover also holds the same bermudagrass trait of self repairing and filling in damaged areas. Best of all, Kurapia ground cover NEVER needs to be mowed!


Top 5 Sod and Grass Seed Types for Riverside, California

Thank you for joining us today to discuss the best sod types and grass seed options for Riverside! Lawns and gardens play many important roles, and we are happy to help establish your new lawn or garden. Whether you're needing a safe, natural area for play or you simply want to diversify your lawn or garden, Sod and Seed, Inc. has you covered! We deliver 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, and our offices are open from 7 am to 5 pm. Call us at 1-800-381-8163 for a free quote or for help deciding which sod types or grass seed will be the best for YOU. We hope to hear from you soon!

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  • I also love this grass, Kelly. I ordered a pallet of West Coaster Sod Tall Fescue sod last week, and it was delivered today. The driver was great! I have never seen such a beautiful bunch of grass before, and I am incredibly pleased with this company. They are quick to respond to emails and very helpful in general. I will be ordering from them again in the future.

    Sandra Jane Holmes on
  • I have used West Coaster Sod Tall Fescue a couple of times now, and I love the sod. I will be using them again in a couple of months to do another lawn for my new business apartment.

    Kelly C. Lewis on
  • What Bermudagrass do you recommend in Riverside?

    Dave Henry on

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