The Best Sod and Grass Seed for Santa Ana

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Best Sod and Grass Seed types for Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the largest City in Orange County and has a much cooler climate than you would first think. While days get hot the coastal breeze tends to keep this area open to a large selection in sod and grass seed types. For Santa Ana here is our best selling sod and grass types for 2022.

Top 5 Best Sod and Grass Seed types for Santa Ana

Here is out list of best selling sod and grass seed types for Santa Ana. Please read all of the sod types to find what ypes fo sod works best for you and your needs.

1. West Coaster Sod

West Coaster sod is a mix of Tall Fescue grass with Bluegrass. West Coaster sod is great for active areas that have kids or pets. This Fescue sod mix has a deep rooting system and is perfect for families since it stays green all year keeping an active area for the family. Bermuda grasses goes brown during the cooler season while West Coaster will stay active and ready for play. For more information on our West Coaster sod please click the link below.



West Coaster grass seed


2. Santa Ana Bermudagrass Sod 

Santa Ana Bermudagrass has been popular along with a couple other bermudagrass sod blends in Santa Ana ever since UCLA had a part. UCLA was a huge factor in accurate testing for sod in finding the best Bermudagrass for Southern California. Santa Ana Bermudagrass sod



Santa Ana Bermudagrass Seed or Plugs


3. Bluerye Sod Bluegrass Sod and Ryegrass Sod

Santa Ana has a love for the finer sod no pun intended. Our finest textured grasses are in this sod mix. We have multiple option of Kentucky bluegrass mixed with ryegrass. Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass are both cool climate sod types and very soft. They repair when damages by seeding themselves wen stressed or seasonally.



Bluerye Grass Seed


4. Elite Plus Sod

Elite Plus sod is another Hybrid Tall Fescue Sod mix that gives our best seller some great competition. Our Elite Plus sod does great in direct sun and can handle moderate foot traffic making this great for family needs. Deep rooting tall fescue is very popular in California due to our Climate and continuous need for more drought tolerant sod options. Sod with tested drought tolerance for the best water conservation.



Elite plus Seed


5. Celebration Bermudagrass Sod

Celebration Bermudagrass sod has been a staple for California in being one of the best selling Bermudagrass sods. Many of the older bermudagrass sod lawns are Celebration sod mix. Celebration Bermudagrass sod  has great durability in direct sun and repairs damaged like other Bermudagrass sod types.



Celebration Grass Seed or Plugs



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  • Hello, Joy! Celebration Bermuda is an excellent grass in Concord. It doesn’t need much water. Just enough to keep it green. It does not require much maintenance and doesn’t have to be mowed often. It’s very durable, which is why most of our customers in Concord love Celebration Bermuda grass sod.

    Sod and Seed Staff on
  • Off-topic! I just want to know if Celebration Bermuda is available in Concord and does it works perfectly here? Is it true that it doesn’t need much water?

    Joy Karros on
  • Hi there, a friend told me about your website, and I thought I would take a look. I’m glad that she shared this with me because your blogs are impressive. I am looking forward to my new front lawn. I have a lot of dogs, so I want to create a play area for them.

    Louise Garcia on
  • That’s right, Jessica! One of the best things about Celebration Bermuda is that it is allergen-free, meaning humans and pets can play on it without any fear of contact with grass.

    Cindy Anders on
  • Celebration Bermudagrass is the perfect choice if you are looking for grass that is allergen-free and doesn’t require all of the maintenance a conventional lawn does.

    Jessica Flanders on

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