Types of Mulch

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Types of Mulch

Hello and welcome to Sod and Seed, Inc., where today we will be going over different types of mulch. With increasing restrictions due to the drought in California, mulch is becoming more and more popular for property owners as an alternative to sod lawns. We'll review the different types of mulch which include but are not limited to living mulch, non organic mulch, synthetic mulch, organic mulch, black mulch, red mulch, cedar mulch, bulk mulch, Home Depot mulch, Lowes mulch, rubber mulch, mulch on sale, garden mulch, mulch for lawn - you name it, it should be covered! For the purposes of this blog, we will cover 4 main types of mulch (as presented by Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott). 

types of mulch

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Living Mulch

The first type of mulch is living mulch and living mulch can best be described as what we call ground cover or groundcover. Essentially, living mulches are live plants used for cover on areas such as lawns. Living mulch also can refer to mulches such as cover crops. Living mulch would be like our Kurapia ground cover or Phyla Lippia Nodiflora, also referred to as Texas Turkey Tangle or Frog Fruit. 

Synthetic Mulch

The second type of mulch is synthetic mulch. Synthetic mulch is most popularly represented by materials such as rubber mulch. While synthetic mulch can involve natural materials, synthetic mulch is ultimately a man-made mulch material like rubber mulch, plastic based mulch and mesh cloths often used on lawns. 

Natural or Inorganic Mulch

The third type of mulch we're discussing is natural mulches or inorganic mulch. Natural mulch or inorganic mulch refers to materials such as rock, stone, pebble, pavers, and even tumbled glass. If you know mulch, you know the possibilities here seem endless, with options such as beach rock, red lava rock, granite, and other broken down materials used to make a variety of mulch sizes and mulch materials. 

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stone for lawn

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Organic Mulch

The fourth and last type of mulch we will cover today (no pun intended!) is organic mulch. Organic mulch refers to types of mulch such as bark, wood chips, pine needles, paper based materials used for lawns like cardboard or newspaper, compost, leaf compost, and so on. We know that organic mulch types are plentiful! Simply exploring wood chips and bark, there are many options like red mulch, black mulch, red wood chips, cedar mulch, playground mulch, walk on bark, small mulch, medium mulch, big mulch, brown mulch, bark mulch, mini mulch, and many more!

Different Types of Mulch

We hope you have found this short but dense blog about types of mulch helpful. Whether you are getting ready to mulch your lawn, garden (flower garden or vegetable garden) or simply researching mulch, we hope to have answered at least a few questions. Shop our mulch selection below. As always, thank you for joining us and please reach out to us with any feedback, comments, ideas, questions, or for help placing an order at 1-800-381-8163. We hope to hear from you soon and Happy Holidays!

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