The Top 3 Benefits of Mulch

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Top Three Benefits of Mulch

Hello everyone! Today we'll be going over the top 3 benefits of mulch. Like most things, mulch has pros and cons, but today we will focus on the pros of mulch! Whether it is red wood mulch, black mulch, cedar mulch, red mulch, Home Depot mulch, Lowe's mulch, bulk mulch, mulch for sale, mulch delivered, garden mulch or even rubber mulch, they all have some common benefits. 

Mulch Has a Longer Decomposition Period

The first benefit of mulch is that mulch has a longer decomposition period than many other ground covers. For example, it would take black mulch or cedar mulch longer to decompose than it would take a sod lawn or flower bed to decompose. A sod lawn can quickly dry out or die off within weeks, in the same way flowers can quickly wilt, dry out and begin their decomposition process. However, one pro of mulch or one benefit of mulch is that mulch takes a relatively long period of time to decompose. So, you have a ground cover for a longer time with mulch than other ground covers. 

Mulch Regulates Temperature

The second benefit of mulch is that mulch can help regulate temperatures. Yes, mulch can help regulate temperatures both above it and beneath it. 

Mulch Absorbs Heat

Mulch helps regulate temperatures because mulch can absorb heat. There are a couple implications for mulch absorbing heat. First, when mulch absorbs heat, it helps to keep its surroundings a little cooler. For example, mulch next to a flower bed that absorbs heat can help your flower bed remain a little bit cooler. Second, when mulch sits on top of soil and absorbs heat or blocks the heat, this helps the soil beneath the mulch retain more moisture instead of being evaporated by the heat (remember, heat evaporates moisture!). When the mulch absorbs the heat, it also helps the soil beneath have more consistent temperatures instead of fluctuating when directly exposed to the elements. So, when mulch absorbs (or blocks) heat, it acts as a temperature regulator in your lawn, yard or garden. 

Mulch as an Insulator

Mulch can act as an insulator in cooler regions or cooler environments. Because mulch can absorb heat and also block naturally cold elements, mulch helps insulate the soil beneath. Essentially, mulch acts as a cover or blanket for the soil underneath it. The same way mulch can protect your area from heat, mulch can protect your area from the cold, making much an excellent way of regulating temperatures in its surroundings. 

Mulch Saves Water

Lastly, a huge benefit of mulch is that it saves water.  The fact that mulch saves water is a key benefit considering so many global environmental concerns. This means that saving water or trying to support water conservation doesn't mean your outside area has to be bare. Mulch is a great way to add natural elements to your yard while saving water. Now you know how environmentally friendly or eco friendly mulch can be by providing huge water savings. Establishing a new lawn or renovating an existing lawn doesn't have to cost tons of water (literally) or come with the guilt of harming our environment. Mulch is a wonderful way of having an aesthetic, functional lawn that is also water conserving and eco friendly. 

We hope you enjoyed this short blog and learned something good about mulch. As mentioned before, whether you are thinking about black mulch, red mulch, cedar mulch, red wood mulch, Home Depot mulch, Lowe's mulch, mulch on sale, bulk mulch, mulch delivered to you, garden mulch, big mulch, small mulch, bark mulch, wood chip mulch, the options seem endless, and all have benefits and pros. CLICK HERE to check out our mulch and ground cover selection. You can also reach us via phone at 1-8009-381-8163 with any questions or or for help placing orders. If you order directly online, you can use code "5off" for our winter sale and score some savings! Happy holidays and we hope to hear from you soon! We hope you enjoyed our blog so mulch!

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