The Best Sod for San Francisco

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The Best Sod for San Francisco

Hello everyone, welcome to Sod and Seed, Inc., where today we discuss the best sod for San Francisco, California! First, we'll take a brief dive into what San Francisco is like as a city. Then, we'll discuss the sod that will best suit San Francisco's overall landscape and climate.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a city located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, United States. It is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California and is known for its diverse and vibrant culture, as well as its hilly streets and iconic landmarks. Once a major stop during the Gold Rush, San Francisco continues to attract visitors from near and far and is a major international destination for many. San Francisco, also referred to as "The City", is also home to a population of over 880,000 people and is known for its diverse economy, which includes technology, finance, tourism, and healthcare.

best sod for san francisco

The City

Some of the city's major employers include Salesforce, Uber, and the University of California, San Francisco. San Francisco is home to a number of iconic landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Cable Cars, and Alcatraz Island. The city is also home to a number of cultural institutions, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, and the San Francisco Symphony.

San Francisco

Overall, San Francisco is a vibrant, lively, cosmopolitan city with a rich cultural heritage, eventful history and a high quality of life. San Francisco is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, offering a range of recreational, outdoor, cultural, family-oriented and exquisite dining experiences.

Rye Blue sod will be second on the list. Check out our Rye Blue video!

Best Sod for San Francisco

The best sod for San Francisco will depend on general climate, landscape, geographical location and the specific microclimate of your yard. Additionally, when choosing the best sod for San Francisco, it will be important to identify your personal preferences and needs. Some factors to consider when choosing sod for San Francisco include the amount of sunlight your yard receives, the drainage and soil type, irrigation system, location within the city, proximity to tall buildings and skyscraper, and the level of foot traffic the grass will need to withstand.

Here are a few options of the best sod for San Francisco:

Shade Blend Tall Fescue

Shade Blend grass is drought-tolerant and can withstand partial shade, making it a good choice for areas with less consistent sunlight. Whether you're hosting a social event or giving the kiddos a better, natural space to get their wiggles out, the Shade Blend is the right fit. 

We also offer our shady mix grass for the Shade Blend sod!


Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass

Ryegrass is a fast-growing grass that can tolerate a range of soil types and is good for areas with high foot traffic and some shade. Kentucky Bluegrass is popular for its ability to recover and increased water savings. When both the Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass are mixed, they come together for a long list of benefits! Blue Rye mixes are popular and can be found in a variety of ratios.

We also offer our 50 50 Blue Rye grass seed!



Rhizomatous Tall Fescue, or RTF, is a resilient and high performing sod. RTF sod truly brings the best of all worlds to one sod type. With the RTF sod, you will have the benefits of shade tolerance, resilience and hardiness for a wide range of foot traffic, significant water savings due to a strong rooting system, and best of all, RTF self heals when damaged!

Order RTF grass seed with your sod for any future seeding needs!


Mow Free or No Mow Sod

Our Mow Free or No Mow sod is an ideal choice for San Francisco! There are two reasons why the Mow Free sod or No Mow sod is a perfect match for The City. First, the Mow Free sod has excellent shade tolerance, which pairs well with San Francisco's overcast climate. The Mow Free can also tolerate heavier sun for those sunny California days in San Francisco! Second, the No Mow sod is iconic for its meadow like aesthetic and is often used as a decorative grass. San Francisco being an attractive city, will do great housing this attractive sod!

Sod and Seed, Inc. also offer the Native Mow Free or Native No Mow sod as well as Mow Free grass seed or No Mow grass seed. 


Kurapia Ground Cover

Although Kurapia ground cover loves full sun, it can tolerate the climate of San Francisco because with climate change, we are seeing increased sunlight and heat in San Francisco. Kurapia ground cover brings the benefits to San Francisco of saving 60% water, requiring zero mowing, and seasonal flowers that add to San Francisco's vibrancy and beauty! 



Ultimately, the best sod for your yard will depend on your specific needs and the conditions of your yard along with overall climate conditions. It is a good idea to consult with a local landscaper or gardening expert to determine the best sod for your specific situation, and you're in luck because our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Sod and Seed, Inc. are only a call away! Sod and Seed, inc. is open for orders and deliveries Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm. Deliveries to San Francisco require smaller trucks due to its narrows streets and limited space for vehicles. So, be sure to plan about one week ahead for your sod delivery. We hope to hear from you soon!

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