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Mow free grass seed

Our Mow-Free or No-Mow is fine-bladed fescue that you can grow out to 12-18 inches and will work well in areas that are heavily shaded or have filtered light as well as direct sun. It is great for having a low-maintenance lawn with heavier shade. Its fine blades are soft to the touch and give our Mow-Free/No-Mow a meadow-like look that is highly aesthetic and pleasing. 

Our Mow-Free Seed is the same high-quality, farm-grade seed used to grow our Mow-Free Sod at our farm. Rest assured, when you over seed, the sod will match!

5LBS of our Mow Free Seed covers 1,000 Square Feet

10LBS of our Mow Free Seed covers 2,000 Square Feet

25LBS of our Mow Free Seed covers 5,000 Square Feet

When using seed, we always recommend using the seeding volume recommendations. You can spread the seed with multiple applications saving a couple of pounds for over-seeding. Always use a spreader to ensure proper coverage. 

Check each sod mixture for coverage, as each type of sod has varying amounts of seed recommended per square foot. Remember to be patient as different types of seeds germinate at different rates, sometimes with weeks in the difference of germination. Germination rates vary by seed type and conditions, so plan on giving your seed a couple of months to germinate. 

 **Starter Fertilizer is always recommended when sodding/(re)seeding a lawn. You can purchase our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer here >

**If you decide to sod instead, you can find our Mow-Free/No-Mow grass here >

**Exact mixture contains Beacon Hard Fescue, Blue Rye Sheep Fescue, Compass II Chewing Fescue, and Orbit Creeping Red Fescue. This is the high-grade commercial seed used in the cultivation of our Bolero Plus sod.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews Write a review