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Blue-Rye Grass Seed

Blue-Rye grass seed is a mixture of 50% Kentucky Bluegrass and 50% Ryegrass seed. This blue-rye grass seed mixture will provide you with a beautiful lawn that will stay green all year! Our 50-50 mix of Blue-Rye grass seed blend is very soft to the touch and great for families and fun. Bluegrass ryegrass seed mix will provide a lawn with grass that is thin-bladed, giving the area a clean, symmetrical look and feel while not making you itchy from course blades. The blue-rye seed mix is great for young children due to the soft texture and will leave your young ones loving the outdoors! This lawn cover can handle moderate foot traffic and is sensitive to dog urine.  

The Blue Rye Grass Seed we sell you is the same high-quality, farm-grade seed used to grow our 50 50 Blue Rye grass at the farm. Because we provide the same seed we use, this is ideal for customers who return for reseeding purposes to have a perfectly matching lawn.

Blue Rye Grass Seed Coverage

10 LBS of our 50 50 Blue Rye Seed covers 1,400 Square Feet

25 LBS of our 50 50 Blue Rye Seed covers 3,500 Square Feet

When using seed, we always recommend using the seeding volume recommendations given. You can spread the seed with multiple applications saving a couple of pounds for overseeding. Always use a spreader to ensure proper coverage. 

Check each grass seed mixture for coverage as each type of grass has varying amounts of seed recommended per square foot. Remember to be patient as different types of seeds germinate at different rates, sometimes for weeks at different germination times. Germination rates vary by seed type and conditions, so plan on giving your seed a couple of months to germinate. 

Starter Fertilizer is ALWAYS recommended when sodding or seeding a lawn.

You can view our recommended Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer at the link below. Depending on the grass, grass seed, and location we may recommend a different fertilizer but at no change in price. We strive to provide the best products for all grass seed, lawn, and grass seed needs, making fertilizer to suit the grass needs.

If you decide to sod instead, you can find our Bluerye grass here

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews Write a review