Soft lawn for San Jose

Posted by George Bravos on

A soft lawn that will grow slower and have the best curb appeal and look. This lawn was completed in San Jose and is our blue rye blend.


Bluegrass ryegrass

This sod will give a uniform soft look and is great for young children and light activities. Not recommended for homes with large pets.

Our most popular version being on a peat base soil the blue rye 50-50 mix is one amazingly soft lawn. Both Kentucky blue grass and perennial rye or cool season soft textured grasses so this lawn will need consistent watering every other day throughout the year.

if you have any questions about this Sod or any other type of side please give us a call area code 925-435-7874.

A link will be provided below for pricing and availability.


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  • Just started following your blogs and I have learned so much in a short time. Thanks for all the information

    Rhys Soto on
  • You know your stuff man. What a beautiful sod. I love the results.

    Ben Sawyer on
  • Do you have any suggestions for pet spots I have dogs also and we have many pee spots where the grass has burned?

    Lila Whitehead on
  • Beautiful. Keep up the good work.

    Rose Conroy on
  • My yard was a nightmare, I wish I could own a lawn like this.

    Rui Choi on

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