Improved Returns for Grass Lawn Renovations 2022

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Grass Lawn Renovation Returns

Many people are surprised at the return they see from a lawn renovation when selling a home. Today we will discuss some reasons for great returns on lawn renovations, additional benefits of a lawn renovation and some of our best sod options for lawn renovations. Generally, homeowners and property realtors are interested in closing sales fast. Having the curbside appeal a grass lawn gives can definitely help accelerate the process while increasing property value by roughly 10% - 20%. One way a renovated lawn can increase property value is with proper maintenance. The reasoning behind the value of a maintained lawn is that most home buyers look at the quality of lawn care as a visual indication for the upkeep of the home itself.

best grass for lawn

Returns for Lawn Renovations: Added Benefits

First impressions on home sales are very important, and having a new sod lawn will undoubtedly help improve those first impressions and also offers other added benefits. While a sod lawn is a major eye-catcher, there are other benefits to a sod lawn in the home buying process besides aesthetics. For example, a sod lawn also gives potential buying family with children an instant place to play and relax without having to worry about establishing it themselves. A home investment is big, and saving on related costs may be a huge relief for a home buyer. Another benefit is that for a potential buyer, a sod lawn does not always mean more work. We have a large variety of lawn cover options, with some of our best-selling options being in the native category.

Mow Free grass

Finding the Best Sod Option for Your Lawn

Returns for Lawn Renovations: Drought Tolerant Lawns

Native lawns take 50% less water than standard lawns and have a very appealing look, with options of elegant long-bladed grass or a clean-cut short-bladed option. Another excellent option is our newest and most drought tolerant ground cover, Kurapia. Kurapia boasts the best drought tolerance without the need for mowing! It's true, Kurapia is the most drought tolerant option and never has to be mowed, all while keeping an appealing aesthetic. Below is a picture of Kurapia, which also blooms miniature flowers twice annually. 

Kurapia lawn



On the topic of bragging about our drought tolerant and best-selling sods, we want to highlight our #1 Best Seller, our Delta Tall 9010. It is grown on a highly organic soil base and adapts well to various areas and soil types around California. For example, its highly organic peat soil base provides extra absorption required in areas with sandy soil. Over the years, we have seen our Delta Tall 9010 set the bar high and become a new standard for Bay Area lawns. In addition to drought tolerance and a versatile soil base, the Delta Tall 9010 has a deep rooting system that helps it recover fast from wear and tear, making it  an ideal choice for families with children and pets. Speaking of pets, keep in mind that dogs love sod! If the sod gets damaged by your grass-loving dog or rambunctious children, it has two ways of repairing itself. As indicated by its name, the Delta Tall 9010 is 90% Tall Fescue and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass, two of the most popular, common and high quality grasses. In this unique blend, they work together to keep your lawn healthy and green year-round. So if you're selling your home, it won't matter is you sell during summer, fall, winter or spring, the Delta Tall 9010 will help with returns throughout the year. 

Hybrid Tall Fescue



Returns for Lawn Renovations: Lawns with Shade

When selecting the best option for your lawn renovation, always keep in mind the conditions the lawn will be in. It would be unfortunate to invest in a lawn renovation when getting ready to sell a home and three months later, the lawn is brown and dry. As we have started to cover, drought tolerance and wear recovery are traits you'd want for a healthy, long-lasting lawn. If you're going to buy a thin bladed mixture, make sure you do not have large dogs using the area as a restroom. If you have a lawn with shady conditions, our Shade Blend would suit the area best. This deep green Tall Fescue mixture will do great in areas where you are receiving at least 60% percent sun throughout the day. Remember, you can always trim back trees to open up lighting for your lawn, shade cast by high walls or proximity of homes around you will usually require this blend due to inflexible exposure to sunlight.

Grass for shade



Returns for Lawn Renovations: Highly Aesthetic Lawns

Are you looking for a lawn that will make your home stand out with a highly aesthetic lawn? For home sales or staged events, we most often recommend our Blue Rye mixes. They provide a delicate surface, slow growth patterns and may give your neighbors a run for their money. The Blue Rye mix is soft and suited for any home area, preferably without pets. Younger children will love the soft texture and will not leave micro scratches like some other grasses do. The combination of slow and uniform growth simply gives an undeniably beautiful look that is by far the best. We have many options for our Blue Rye mixes, such as our Blue Rye 50/50 and Rye Blue 80/20. If you're looking for a non-mix grass, Sod and Seed, Inc. can also provide you with 100% Kentucky Bluegrass or 100% Perennial Ryegrass. The picture below is of our BlueRye 50/50 mix and does great with regular watering in any application of sun and shade or direct sun. This lawn will have the highest aesthetic standard from our series. It can be cut at a standard mow height, and the mix of both cool season grasses helps with its slow growth pattern. Both the Bluegrass and Ryegrass are regularly used in golfing applications and for over seeding different blends or types of grass like Bermuda. Our Blue Rye mixes are high on the list for returns on lawn renovations because of their aesthetic. 

blue rye 5050 sod and seed



Returns for Lawn Renovations: Bermuda Grass Options

Bermuda grasses are seasonal grasses that can save you money and time. They have a unique characteristic of repairing themselves on rooting systems running throughout the lawn. This type of grass does great with high foot traffic such as sports. Many of the golf fields in California use this type of sod since because it does very well repairing large holes. Our best-selling Bermudagrasses are the Celebration Bermuda grass and Latitude 36. These are both great sod options for renovating your lawn, though the Latitude 36 is a bit newer, boasting a finer texture and the same great drought tolerance ratings and repair values. Both types do go dormant in the winter and come back in spring, meaning they will yellow or brown up in late fall and turn green again in the spring time. The look of dormant sod for these two bemruda grasses can be avoided by using Ryegrass to over-seed the area. Rye grass is a winter grass and will keep the area nice and green until temperatures begin to get warm again, at which point your bermuda grass lawn will wake up and take over again! 

bermuda grass



Let's review what Sod and Seed, Inc. has experienced with returns on lawn renovations over the years. We have had many customers who come to us for lawn renovations when selling a home, and returns are almost guaranteed with sod. We have customers come back to us, and thank us for helping them with the lawn that increased their returns. We have also seen additional benefits to a sod lawn when selling a home, and are here to help you choose the best option. Which sod option do you think may suit your home best? Rest assured with any sod lawn you pick, Sod and Seed, Inc. has tested each product to ensure we provide you with the best quality sod. 

Sod and Seed, Inc. is also happy to announce its expansion beyond its headquarters located in Concord, CA. With the housing market on the rise, take this opportunity for improved returns. We deliver to all of California with some of our most popular cities being Fresno, Clovis, Merced, Visalia, San Diego, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Escondido, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley, Lafayette, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Oakley, and our birthplace, Concord. Whatever your choice, feel free to shop our selection and pricing at our site:

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  • I plan to buy Enduro Dwarf Tall to provide ongoing maintenance and renovation of the backyard’s playground. My friend recommends you, and she said that your sod is of outstanding quality and is not expensive compared to others.

    Joey Ortiz on
  • My yard used to be all fescue however there was Bermuda before they laid sod. Now I have a blend of the two, and honestly, I like Bermuda more.

    Gabriel Preece on

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