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Never Mow With Frog Fruit Ground Cover

Never Mow again with this California Native plant Phyla Nodiflora or commonly known as Frog Fruit. Lippia plants enjoy full sun and can handle sunny and shady areas, Frog Fruit works perfectly as a lawn alterative needing less water  while being able to be used in the same area former grass lawn was in.

frog fruit lawn
Pictured Above Phyla Nodiflora repairing after 2 months of no water.
kurapia and phyla nodiflora
Pictured above is Kurapia and frog fruit during the winter

Half The Grass Water Use - Frog Fruit

Cut your watering in half with Phyla Nodiflora or frog fruit, with an average savings of up to 60% on watering. Frog fruit in fact can actually be over watered, this plant is like a succulent after established and only needs water 2-3 times a week but can survive on even once a week.

Frog Fruit Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews




If you are interested in the hybrid phlya nodiflora sod or kurapia sod please click the link below.  


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  • Is this a lippia or frog grass?

    Marcus Tremp on
  • How long will it take frog fruit plugs to fill in if they are spaced out by a couple feet? I watched some videos on it but they all said different stuff.

    Kathrin Modurn on

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