What is Phyla Nodiflora

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What is a Phyla Nodiflora lawn

Phyla Nodiflora lawns are areas that are covered with the Phyla Nodiflora or common lippia plant. Common lippia or Phyla Nodiflora was a popular lawn alterantive in the past when grass seed was limited over 100 years ago. Phyla Nodiflora lawns are created from plugs and are best installed during the warm season to promote fast growth.

Phyla Nodiflora Berkeley Ca
Pictured above is a public walkway in Berkeley California


What is a Frog Fruit Lawn

Frog fruit is a nickname for the plant Phyla Nodiflora, along with Texas frog fruit and turkey tangler. Due to Phyla Nodiflora's durability we find the plant in many locations on the earth. Looking at common lippia or phyla nodiflora in the wild you might not be able to see how this could be a lawn. Now lets compare this to the fully developed phyla nodiflora lawn. Its easy to see how alone as a single piece it might have objections but as soon as it grows in the full lawn are looks great and does not half the water or maintenance.

phyla nodiflora ground cover
Phyla Nodiflora or Common Lippia not as a lawn

Phyla Nodiflora Lawn

Now lets look at a fully devoped area. The Phyla Nodiflora does just as good as sod while also saving over half the water and the mowing. Mowing is optional on a phyla nodiflora lawn making the California Native plant a popular lawn alternative.

common lippia lawn
Pictured above a fully established common lippia phyla nodiflora


Common Lippia Lawn

As you Can see Common Lippia phyla nodiflora can fill in just like sod and self heals but one of the best factors being this plant or rather California native plant never gets to be over 3" tall.

Phyla Nodiflora Information

For more information on phyla nodiflora lawn alternative please feel free to give us a call or click the link below for more information




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