Is Kurapia Ground Cover Dog Friendly?

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Is Kurapia Ground Cover Dog Friendly?

Hello everyone! Today we are covering, “Is Kurapia dog friendly?” We get this question a lot, and we figured we’d do some testing out with some doggos and share a little bit about what we have learned. This is a video blog so you can read on or watch our video linked below. 

Do Dogs Like Kurapia Ground Cover?

In our video, we feature our guest dog, Pachito aka Panchito, showing us what he thinks about the Kurapia ground cover lawn. By the looks of it, he enjoyed it so much and rolled around in it for quite some time!

Based on what we can tell, dogs really, really love Kurapia ground cover! Interacting with nature is instinctual for pets like dogs, and they enjoy natural spaces in the same way they enjoy other natural elements. So, dogs will porbably enjoy your Kurapia lawn, like they enjoy most other plants, and here's what we can say.

 Kurapia Ground Cover installation by Sod and Seed, Inc. 

Kurapia Pet Friendly Ground Cover

The most important thing to know is that no grass, groundcover, or plant is truly 100% dog-proof. Whether they’re biting into it, chewing on it, clawing into it, or marking their territory (urinating on it), all plants will be susceptible to dogs. However, there are certain ground covers that are better suited for pets because of certain traits they have. For instance, a hearty tall fescue with thicker and wider grass blades will stand up to a dog better than a fine fescue mix which has long, thin and relatively fragile sod blades. Similarly, Kurapia is made to self repair and self heal, which is a desireable trait for a lawn that may have some damage from pets. 


Kurapia Sod Lawn of a Sod and Seed, Inc. Employee that has never been mowed. 

Kurapia Ground Cover Dog Friendly Lawn

Although Kurapia ground cover and other ground covers are susceptible to dogs, there are definitely precautions you can take to ensure the health and longevity of your lawn. For example, hose down or water down areas where the dogs tend to urinate repeatedly, or anywhere. If possible, train the dog to use one designated area outside of the lawn for bathroom needs. In terms of Kurapia ground cover specifically, Kurapia sod repairs itself very well. Kurapia ground cover is self-healing, repaiting from damage that is caused to it. Though it makes take a few days, Kurapia ground cover wll eventually self repair and fill in damaged areas. (However, you probably don’t want a lawn that is constantly having to self-heal, with holes here and there.)


Kurapia Ground Cover Pet Friendly Lawn

So, Kurapia seems good for pets or dogs who are small to medium-sized, or maybe bigger pets that aren’t as active on the lawn. This is because like any other plant, depending on your dogs behavior, your Kurapia lawn will likely have some damage on it. But, by the looks of it, this pupper really loves Kurapia lawn and yours will, too!

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