Best Time of Year to Lay Sod

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The Best Time of Year to Lay Sod

Hello everyone, and welcome to Sod and Seed, Inc. where today we will be discussing the best time of year to lay sod. Ultimately, the best time to plant sod in your lawn depends on several factors in addition to the time of year. For example, deciding when to lay your new sod lawn also depends on the overall climate in your area, the type of grass you are planting, the condition of your soil, and the immediate conditions the sod lawn will be in. Below are some general guidelines to follow.

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Best Time to Lay Sod

In most parts of the United States, the best time to plant sod is in the fall or early spring, when temperatures are cool and there is plenty of moisture in the soil. However, with climate changes in recent years, seasonal weather is less marked than in previous years. Summer seeps into fall with heat waves in October and November. So, although the best time of year to lay sod is fall and early spring, any time of year can be appropriate based on other factors and conditions. Sod and Seed, Inc. has installed thousands of lawns year-round and with proper care, and they do just fine with proper preparation and lawn care!  

Below is a picture of the Native Lippia, which was planted after being exposed to temporary freezing temperatures and still grew on the lawn.

frog fruit  

Best Climate Conditions to Lay Sod

It may be recommended to avoid planting sod during the hot, dry summer months, as the sod will require more watering and can be susceptible to heat damage during the first few weeks. Be especially mindful of laying sod in your lawn in areas with extreme summer heat that is regularly above 90 degrees. However, summer has historically been our busiest time of year at Sod and Seed, Inc. and plenty of lawns are planted in winter. The main goal when laying sod is to keep the area moist for the first two to three weeks.  


Best Sod Grass to Lay

If you are planting a warm-season grass, such as Bermuda grass or zoysia grass, it is best to plant sod in the spring, when temperatures are warm and there is plenty of sunlight. If you are planting a cool-season grass, such as fescue or bluegrass, it is best to plant sod in the fall, when temperatures are cool and there is plenty of moisture in the soil. Again, the goal is ultimately to maintain the lawn moist for the first few weeks while it is rooting itself. Therefore, conditions that will provide the lawn with the moisture it needs are ideal. If you don't mind watering a bit more, then later in spring or summer may be totally fine!



Sod Lawn Immediate Conditions

The immediate conditions of the sod lawn are critical to the process of laying sod. Things to consider are whether the sod lawn will be in full sun, sun and shade or heavily shaded. Also, the amount of foot traffic the sod lawn will receive from activities such as kids play, sports, pets, etc.


How to Lay Sod

In addition to the factors already discussed, one more factor that will dictate the best time of year to lay sod will be how well your lawn is prepped. Sod and Seed, Inc. always recommends you prepare your soil before planting sod or grass seed by removing any weeds, rocks, or debris, and amending the soil (usually done with topsoil for sod or compost/other organic matter to improve drainage and fertility) . Starter Fertilizer is always recommended as well. Most importantly, water the sod regularly once installed to help the sod lawn establish roots and grow strong.

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Thank you for joining our blog on the best time of year to lay sod! As discussed, a few things to consider before choosing the best time of year to lay sod are factors such as overall climate, local weather, immediate conditions of lawn and conditions of soil. What do you think would be the best time for you to lay sod in your lawn?

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