Watering a New Sod Lawn

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Watering a New Sod Lawn

The day has come - you're getting your sod delivered but you're not sure how much you'll need to water your new sod lawn. Look no further, we're here to help! 

Video on Watering a New Sod Lawn

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Read About Watering a New Sod Lawn

Hello everyone! Sod and Seed, Inc. here. This is a quick and short video on watering your new sod awn. Here, we are using one of our Native Lippia plants aka Turkey Tangle, Frog Fruit, Phyla Nodiflora, to talk a little bit about tips and recommendations. 

Keep Sod Lawn Well Watered at First

The main goal with your new sod lawn is you want to keep the area consistently moist because the mall roots that you see are rooting and establishing themselves int your lawn. We refer to it as the "rooting and establishment period." And, basically you can see that these roots are really short, tender, small, they will easily and quickly dry up! So, the main goal is you want to keep the lawn contently moist to make sure the roots have enough after to grow and root themselves into the area.

Water Frequently First

You can keep the lawn consistently moist by watering more frequently for shorter periods of time. Do so between 5 am and 2 pm for the first 2 or 3 weeks for sod. For the Native Lippia (Turkey Tangle, Frog Fruit, Phyla Nodiflora) and patented product of Kurapia, the rooting and establishment period is long. It's about a month and a half to two months. So, it will requite a little bit more water since the rooting system is more robust and complex. Do not water at night, make sure you let the lawn breathe!

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