The Best sods for Northern California.

Posted by George Bravos on

Tested and proven sods for Northern and central California. 

After years of grass testing, The team at Sod and Seed Inc have compiled a list of personally tested and installed sod varieties for Northern and central California. Sod and Seed Incorporated  has stress tested all of these varieties and found that in the proper conditions with the right soil preparation, clean out grading and compaction they will all thrive.

In no particular order, these are our selections of sod for 2021 and 2022 from Sod and Seed Incorporated. 




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  • Hello Peter! Thank you so much for choosing Hybrid Tall Fescue grass for your lawn!

    Lizza L. on
  • I love the Hybrid Tall Fescue with bluegrass because it is safe for pets and kids, as well as helping me save time and money by not having to water my lawn often. I can’t wait to see how the grass looks in a couple of weeks after the installation.

    Peter Jackie McDougall on
  • With so many different types of sod to choose from, it is pretty easy to get confused about which is ideal for my yard. But thanks to this marvelous blog, it won’t take more time to choose.

    Alysia Dolan on
  • My daughter suffers from asthma and is allergic to dust and pollen. I discovered on the internet that there is a type of grass that may trap dust and keep homes dirt-free. Do you have any recommendations or parallels to this type of grass?

    Woody Herman on
  • Non-Netted Blueridge sports turf will be on my list after the new year. My boys will be happy to hear this news since playing soccer is their habit during the weekend.

    Michelle Cassal Delos Reyes on

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