Sod and Grass Seed Pricing and Cost for California

Posted by George Bravos on

List of top sod and grass seed types for California with reviews and pricing.

Here we show the most popular sod grass types for California. Certain sod types will be limited to location and some sod does sell out. We have the selections broken down into categories to help you find your best sod type based on location. Our sod delivery is always fresh from the farm. Our sod is never held in stock, direct from the sod farm to your home. Do you have any questions ask our pros in the chat Any sod related questions or grass seed questions welcome.

Please give the page time to load our full selection. If the sod selection does not load please refresh the page as the sod list is very big.





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  • What is your best seller? I want to have thick grass and stay green during different weather temperatures.

    Boyd Heaton on
  • I’m looking for sod that is suitable for my family with two children aged five and six years old and a small puppy. What type of grass do you recommend?

    John Mark Curtis on
  • I need some help! Can you recommend turf that is super drought tolerant and has a fast recovery rate for wear and tear? I live in Santa Clara.

    Padraig Bouvet on
  • Last time, my grass was completely destroyed due to miserable weather, and my dog urinated on it, do you treat dead spots on the lawn?

    Austin Sierra on
  • I don’t have a problem with the price as long as the quality is superb. The only problem I have is what type of grass do I need in my place.

    Rafael Currie on

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