Thank you Westwood residents of Walnut Creek Ca for the great sod picture!

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Tall fescue sod or Delta Tall 9010 Sod

Home owners were checking in on there sod job to see it they could blow off the loose pieces on the edges of the sod lawn. Great question from a customer in Westwood located in Walnut Creek, California. Yes you should always clean any loose debris off the sod and always be sure to roll the sod with a water roller.

You are more than welcome to leaf blow your sod to clear out any loose pieces of grass. The important part is to do this lightly and be sure to water the sod first that way your not blowing around a freshly installed lawn. A leaf blower on a dry sod installation is not a good idea but all sod should be watered within a half an hour of sod installation. Always roll before and after sod installation to assure proper contact. Here is a picture of the sod after installation. This was our most popular sod the Delta Tall 9010 sod.

sod near me walnut creek

Need help figuring out what type of sod works best for your zone or conditions? Feel free to email us or call 925-435-7874

Delta Tall 9010 Grass Seed

We are proud to offer you our high-quality, farm-grade seed for our Delta Tall 9010! You may purchase the same seed used to grow our sod at any time at the link below (also found under our SEED section from our HOME PAGE):

Like our name Sod and Seed we are proud to offer farm grade seed for your sod repair. The same exact seed we put into our grass seed feeders and grow as sod is the same grass seed delivered to you. All Seed has been tested in house by Sod and Seed for quality Control and to mae sure the Ratings for your sod and seed are accurate.

Delta Bluegrass Tall 90/10 Sod

Below is a Link to our Tall 90/10 sod with ratings reviews and pictures. At Sod and Seed all of our sod come direct from the sod farm to your home. If you have any questions about our sod or any or our grass seed please feel free to give us a call at (925)435-7874


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  • Hello Charly! Thank you very much for the positive feedback. We are glad that you enjoyed your new yard.

    Lizza L. on
  • You know what, this company did a great job in installing this grass in my yard here in Santa Clara. I was surprised by how good this product is. It does everything it promises and more, so it’s the best in the market. I’d recommend using this Delta Tall 9010 for your back garden lawn because it is very durable, attractive, and great for pet owners.

    Charly Moller on
  • Fynn thank you the sod is really dense giving the sod a great feel on the feet. This is also our pet friendly sod for direct sun.

    George Bravos on
  • The Lawn looks luscious!!!!!

    Fynn Schwartz on
  • I highly recommend Sod and Seed to everyone who is looking for premium quality sod.

    Isaac Lin on

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