Mulch a lawn for an easy fix.

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Mulching A Garden or Lawn

More and more people are going towards using something other than sod in the lawn areas. We have seen hardscape options ground covers and our classic mulching or barking of an area for an quick fix. In the past as long as our company is doing one sod or seed lawn we will agree to shrink the square footage or remove any problematic lawns where sod or grass is not an option. a great example is a home with over 60% shade through the day. If an area dos not get enough sun plants die. Here this Concord ca home owner was having grub issues from one area always being shady and instead of using toxic product they asked for sod removal and weed guard and mulch installation. The home owner wanted a new backyard for selling the home but was tired of having to deal with the front yard and we agreed that it would be the best option for both family use and water conservation. To do one of these lawn edits it is very simple, home owner wished we close the tips of the bordering heads and to cap the exterior perimeter heads as recommended by sod and seed. 


Mulch delivery

We cut out the previous lawn dropping the area down by an average of 3" this assures a 4" average cover from which the customer specified. Sod and Seed then tacked down weed guard making sure to test water system to make sure all heads inside lawn were removed. then we place half of our mulch material. after a rough grade we then water down the mulch. This is important for all lawn products including sod and seed, you want to settle your product before adding more that way after you place the rest you will have less work leveling. Grade the area and wet again then grade to your viewing pleasure. If you would like a very level look you can also use a water roller on mulch the same way you use a water roller for sod.

Mulching a Lawn

We can always provide mulching and weed guard to any areas where you do not want lawn but want something covering the soil. You tell us how deep you want to go and if you want weed guard and we take care of the rest. Multiple options available in color of mulch size and styles of weed guard. 
Sod and Seed

Certified Mulch Delivery

All of our mulch is certified for home and commercial grade use. The product we show you and rate is the product you get.

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  • Happy we could help Brent! I know you guys were still on the fence about sealing the mulch I hope my pros and cons helped a bit about sealing vs not sealing.

    George on
  • Happy we found your blog and gave you a call. I had no idea there were so many mulch options. Looking forward to our redwood mulch delivery tomorrow morning!

    Brent Gallow on

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