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The Best Ground Cover

Hello everyone! With the increase in popularity of Kurapia, we decided to do a short video on groundcovers. Read and watch this short clip to learn the basics in Ground Covers 101!

Ground Covers 101

Ground cover is a popular or common term in the lawn and gardening industry. A ground cover is any material that is used to cover the ground. There are a couple of options including ones that may seem more obvious than others. Kurapia is one of our top recommendations for ground cover. Other options are traditional grass or sod, seen in parks and other public area. 

Ground Cover Ideas

Other options include rock, sedge and artificial turf. You can use one ground cover for an area or you can use multiple ground covers simultaneously! Other ground cover ideas are flowers, trees and other types of plants. 

Ground Cover Plants

Kurapia is one of the best ground covers for lots of reasons. First, other ground cover plants and materials such as sedge, flowers, or rocks, it is hard to provide a safe space for play or socializing, which is often the main reason people want to cover the ground on an outside area. However, Kurapia (and other ground cover plants like grass) provide a safe space for use that is natural. Kurapia ground cover will help the area be usable while also providing environmental benefits. 


Kurapia Ground Cover

California has been in a drought for many years. The Kurapia ground cover seen in our video is on one of the Sod and Seed, Inc. stress testing lawns and you can see how it is recovering from being exposed to highly stressful conditions. The Kurapia ground cover was exposed to drought conditions in Fresno, California, known for its hot climate. Kurapia has proven time and time again to be one of the most drought tolerant plants used as a ground cover.

Turkey Tangle Frog Fruit Ground Cover

Sod and Seed, Inc. also offers Tukey Tangle Frog Fruit ground cover plugs! CLICK HERE to learn more. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this aesthetic and native ground cover!

Drought Tolerant Kurapia Ground Cover

Kurapia is a wise choice when choosing a ground cover because it conserves water, saving the cost of irrigation systems and weekly watering. Kurapia also doesn't not ever have to be mowed and maintained, saving even more money usually spent on mowing and other maintenance needs. Kurapia ground covers cuts back both cost and time spent on maintaining a traditional sod lawn. Kurapia is highly aesthetic with seasonal flowering and is one of the best looking ground covers around!

Kurapia Ground Cover

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That's what we have to share about Ground Covers 101 today! Kurapia is one of our top recommendations for ground covers. You can reach us with questions or comments via text or call at 925-435-7874 or via email at You can also visit our social media pages. CLICK HERE to visit us on Instagram, CLICK HERE to visit our Facebook Page, and CLICK HERE to visit our YouTube Channel

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  • This is extremely beautiful. I’m tempted to buy this plant for my home in Santa Clara.

    Harry Louderman on
  • This is what I need to put in my yard since my husband is getting tired of mowing our grass.

    Brittany Micaela Lopez on
  • Kurapia ground cover is a vigorous growing plant that is an excellent choice for novice gardeners. It is easy to grow, and once established, Kurapia ground cover requires little care.

    Jim Masterson on

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