Tall Fescue Grass the ideal sod type for the Bay Area

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California loves its sod

Sod and Seed Inc. occasionally has had folks call us and saying they invested in sod that didn’t hold up from another sod farm. We ask some questions and 90 percent of the time the sod was too sensitive to heat, the sod was cool season and not meant for drought, low foot traffic sod in high foot traffic lawns, soil heavy in clay, or the dreaded shade. If this happens to your or you have bought a house where the sod looked amazing and then the sod just kind of died. We can also help by directing you to our how to DYI section.

Delta sod

 Delta Tall 9010! Delta Tall 9010 is our bestseller and was prized Best Seller in 2019 and 2020. It is truly the ideal sod all-around. Its deep rooting system allows for many strong characteristics such as drought tolerance, heat tolerance, resistance to foot traffic, shade, and excellent wear and tear recovery. It is 90% Tall Fescue and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass. We also sell our Tall 9010 seed, high-quality farm-grade seed, and hand the same one used to grow our sod!




Sometimes folks find themselves needing to decide between grass that will look great or grass their kids can play on. Other times, folks are limited to options because they are pet owners or have some shade on their lawns. Our Delta Tall 9010 is the best all-around option. Enjoy watching your kids play freely or dogs roam the yard, all while saving water and knowing the deep rooting system beneath your lawn is helping it stay hydrated and recover from wear and tear. Our Delta Tall 9010 has beautiful, thick blades that aid in water retention and drought-tolerant traits. Give your lawn life with a lovely green ground cover that can be topped with children playing freely, pets enjoying a natural environment, or the busy day relaxing ambiance of a celebration. Furthermore, our Delta Tall 9010 is grown on organic peat soil and up to food grade standards, making it an attractive and safe option for everyone. 

Picture of Tall 9010 Sod being Stress tested by being under watered

Rest assured, you don't need to choose between traits for your new sod. There’s no trade-off here. Our Delta Tall 9010 is a sod that is aesthetically pleasing, great for your kids to play, sod safe for your pets to roam without sacrificing drought tolerance and a water-saving option. Remember, We offer our 9010 Tall Fescue seed for seeding or re-seeding needs, and it is available for shipping year-round. It is a high-quality farm-grade seed, and the same seed is used to grow our sod! So whether you want to watch the little ones in your family play freely, just added a new four-legged family member to your bunch, are preparing for the next party, or simply want a water-saving lawn cover, give us a call to get our Delta Tall 9010 sod straight from our farm to your home!




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  • Hey, I just wanted to tell you this is an excellent write-up! Thanks for putting it together. I have never heard of these products before and will be looking into them. Thanks for this informative blog.

    Suzan Davies on
  • When it comes to healthy and beautiful lawns, the Delta Tall 9010 is one of the ideal grasses for the job. It can withstand drought and heat due to its deep rooting system.

    Bob Stone on
  • I think this product is perfect for my family. We have pets and young kids, and I want to ensure that my lawn remains attractive and healthy for a long time.

    Chris Swanson on
  • I love the Delta Tall 9010 because it is beautiful and easy to maintain. It’s also great for my home and family.

    David Abramson on
  • I have tall fescue in the front and it takes a lot of love to keep it full and lush. I like how dark green it gets.

    Ramone Medrano on

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