Creating A Native Plant Ground Cover Lawn

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Native Grass Alternative

In 2022 more and more people are looking for grass or sod alternatives. Our demands from customers of Sod and Seed Incorporated have had a huge influx in demand for both plastic and Native options. Since we are a farming company and provide Native grass options along with plastic free sod and grass rolls we felt instead of moving towards the plastic market why not direct all attention towards the harder but more practical field of native plant alternatives for grass. Finding a plant that can mimic a lawns look while being more drought tolerant and healthier for the local ecology was our goal. With this in mind we have began expanding our native grass sod and native grass seed selection to also encompass groundcovers.

Ground Cover As Lawn

Our staff have constantly exceeded our expectations with what modern techniques are used with our inhouse research and development for grass alternatives. While taking horticulture classes at DVC we tested drought tolerance of kurapia and were made aware by our professor that the Native version may actually exceed the Japanese Modified version due to being able to seed and being a Native to California. This of course peaked our interest, since these are all the factors anyone would want for a lawn. A Native ground cover that would require less water, Heal itself when damaged, both by stolon's and seeds and was a native which our local bees and butterflies desperately need to thrive.

Kurapia Ground Cover 

Sod and Seed Inc. has been installing and testing kurapia groundcover for well over 4 years now and have had huge success with kurapia sod as long as warm weather permitted. Kurapia does not enjoy cold weather this is very important to know. Both Phyla Nodiflora and Kurapia do not thrive in cold climates where frost and now may occur. The plants depend on high temperatures to thrive and like Bermuda grasses slow down growth and recovery even becoming injured at times by cold weather. With cold weather cautions in mind Native Phyla Nodiflora and Kurapia both do exceeding well for the majority of people located in hot climates where frost does not occur. Kurapia ground cover we currently have in sod form while the Native version we can sell in plugs.

Native Phyla Nodiflora Sale

 We are currently only providing kurapia sod but look out for ground cover sale coming up in the next couple weeks to save an additional 10% on plugs.

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